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Meghan McCain’s eulogy of her father. Wow.

Help me place my thrifting find! Help me place my thrifting find!

Can anyone help me place this and help translate what I assume is the signature? It’s a cool little piece of paper art, all of the negative space is cut away and it’s very delicate. I like how she’s just, like, casually got an axe over her shoulder.


This is the story of the decade! The Thai soccer team are all freed from the cave!!

The rescue is on UPDATE

Has anyone else been obsessively following what’s going on in Thailand? They’re apparently starting the rescue operation today. *THE FIRST FOUR KIDS ARE OUT OF THE CAVE AND ENROUTE TO THE HOSPITAL!* The Guardian has a live blog:

Sorry, not sorry

I cheered mightily when Russia lost today. Go Croatia!

What’s your favorite powder foundation? What’s your favorite powder foundation?

With summer officially upon us next week, I want to know what your favorite powder foundations are! I dipped my toe in with Nyx, but I’m not really satisfied. I usually prefer higher end products for skin makeup, but I wanted to make sure I liked it first. Mac’s powder foundation seems popular, but there are so many…

Kitten update! Kitten update!

So last night the kittens mated, which seemed altogether unpleasant. Wow. So that escalated to a handle-this-now level! This morning my cat friend was waiting for me on the balcony:

What do I do? (update: video!) What do I do? (update: video!)

There is a very cute stray kitten camped outside my place. I don’t even like cats, but I’ve already taken a liking to this one, so I would like to assist it with its continued survival. Only thing is, I’m not a cat person and I don’t know what to do.

Michelle Wolf, vindicated

After spending the first half of the week fretting over naughty, naughty Michelle Wolf, CNN used the word “lie,” in all of its forms, over and over again yesterday evening while I was watching. Jim Acosta asked Sanders if she was a liar in the press briefing.

Container gardening

Now that the long winter is over, it’s time to plant some plants! I have a balcony that gets southern sun and I am ready to actually grow some shit. Historically, I’ve had a bit of a black thumb, so I was hoping that some of our able gardeners would be able to help me out. I successfully grew a couple of tomato plants…

What's your favorite dishwasher detergent?

The best thing in the world is happening to me: I’m going to have a dishwasher in my life! I’ve almost forgotten how it all works, honestly. I just realized that I have to figure out what kind of detergent to get and I don’t feel like going through the excruciating trial and error, I can’t, I don’t think my heart…

I’m moving!

Our application was accepted today!!! I’M GOING TO HAVE A DISHWASHER!! This is huge stuff here.

Russia’s calling  Russia’s calling 

How weird is it to get this call on Election Day, scale of 1-10?

Help me with this ridiculous thing! Help me with this ridiculous thing!

I have this absurd fish tank that my MIL got us, please help me. It’s so ugly, but it was expensive, so I’m going to put little shrimps in there, but... it’s so ugly.

So I got this lamp So I got this lamp

But now I need a shade.

Large dog handling

As some of you may know, I volunteer at an animal shelter. Well, today I got attacked by one of our pit bulls. I’m fine! Totally fine, but I’m seeking advice from those of you with experience handling large dogs.

Is anyone else just sort of done with men?

Sorry, men. #notallmen but it’s not like y’all wear labels.

Sneaky shit (or, crafting OT) Sneaky shit (or, crafting OT)

This seems pretty sneaky to me. I honestly don’t care if things are made in China, but this still seems kinda sneaky to me, like they’re hoping people will think it means Puerto Rico. Sneaky.

Help me houseplant Help me houseplant

Please help me houseplant!

Barron and Melania do D.C. 

At least one Trump is true to her word.

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