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Fallout: New Vegas

Could somebody who has played this game please reply to this post? I’m thinking of getting it, but I have never played a single Fallout game before and I have a few questions.

Sexism is taught Sexism is taught

This is important:

Photoshop Photoshop

Picked one of the rebloggers at random for this.

Free cookbook with cheap recipes

A NYC grad student working on food stamps for her thesis has released a free cookbook for those living on $4/day.

Netflix' Castlevania. Opinions? Netflix' Castlevania. Opinions?

Has anybody here been watching Castlevania on Netflix? What do you think of it?

Trump's lack of accomplishments sure isn't stopping him from bragging about other people's

(Had to pick a random reblogger for the link because OP’s seems to not work with kinja)

The Salvation army is even worse than I thought...

If you follow the link, you can get bigger screenshots with bigger text. Read the whole thing, the details are seriously damning.

Yuri On Ice Yuri On Ice

There is this anime about a Olympic ice skater who has a same-sex romance with his idol who becomes his coach and they skate to win the gold medal together and it’s SO GOOD. 

6 Ways The Alt-Right Turns Perfectly Sane People Into Nazis

You will likely never find an article on Breitbart telling white people to kill black people. What you will find is a site that is carefully tilling the soil for a certain ideology to grow, one that says “Being afraid of nonwhites is as reasonable as being afraid of a rabid dog … and we both know what they do to rabid…

Pornhub wants to be the hottest destination for sex ed

For a growing number of American kids, porn is their sex ed. Now Pornhub is hoping to offer their audience some more formal lessons in how to be a healthy and happy sexual being.

Your Name (go watch it!) Your Name (go watch it!)

Makoto Shinkai’s international hit anime film Your Name is coming to North American theaters April 7!

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

Went to see the movie. It was awesome. It was much better than I expected.

Important things I never knew about transphobia

This tumblr post about gender roles and essentialism in trans identity is eye-opening.


Fullmetal Alchemist is one of the best manga ever. A great story with great characters with great plot-twists and great use of continuity and great dramatic moments and great action scenes and great trope subversions. Pretty much its only flaw is that it has a slow start... When it gets good, it gets really good, but…


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