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LTNS, Oppo!

I’ve been busy. Like moving from Belgium to the UK busy. But at least I’m now in a place where they speak English.

Because Racecar!


My wife sent me this.... My wife sent me this....

Race cars and Karen Gillan. What could go wrong?

Is Germany's anti-Tesla Autopilot stance protectionism for Mercedes?

Mercedes has its own version of this technology.

You should buy my friend's Clio V6

I can’t afford it, but you may be able to.

Seriously annoyed...

I’m looking for a beater SUV now (long story.) Easiest thing for my to do is source one from the UK and keep it registered there to avoid Belgian taxes. I can deal with the steering wheel on the wrong side.

This needs hotrod/ratrod treatment, yo!

Since BiTurbo228 or TwingoTamer need more projects ;)

Will someone please talk me out of this?


Hey, what kind of rail cars are these? Hey, what kind of rail cars are these?

The photos were shot from the passenger seat.

Nurburgring Photo Dump Nurburgring Photo Dump

The area round the ring is gorgeous, both in hilly scenery, castles, twisty roads, but the area is like cars and coffee on crack. I tried to find more interesting cars and stories; there are enough E90 and E46 M3s for days. But Alpine? Ro80? Chevy Beretta? Oh, yeah! /KoolAidGuy

Any recommendations for car rentals at Nurburgring?

Seriously. Looks like the family and I are going back this weekend. I don’t want to drive the wife’s mini if I can help it. I could take the 520d, but it’s essentially sold (waiting on the buyer to get back from his TDY to pay me for it.)

Because Racecar?

Ok, it’s a Coupe GT and not a Coupe Quattro and it is NA and not a Turbo, but still a fun car. Put some stickers on it, right? But...

What kind of go-fast parts exist? 2.8: Jag I6?

Are you thinking what I’m thinking, Pinky?

Poker rally going by my house!

A video of a few things.... and more videos are in the comments.

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