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For anyone else hyped for Drake’s new album what do you think so far about VIEWS? I just purchased it and i’m loving it so far.

Motorcycle vs Car in a big city

Hey Oppo, I live in San Francisco now and at a place without parking and the closest free parking is 1.0+ miles away on the street I decided to leave my FoST at my parents. So now here I am paying $500 a month if you count insurance for a car to just sit.

F-150 is by far the safest truck

How does Oppo feel about this video? I see a lot of manufactures saying its silly for Ford to use aluminum but then if we look at these crash test safety ratings Ford is the only one who can achieve a “good” in every category. I’m really shocked at how poor the performance of the Ram and Tundra are as well, does this…

Percentage of cars built online vs cars purchased Percentage of cars built online vs cars purchased

Hey Oppo, so after a day of building idk maybe 10 cars online today a thought accured to me. How many cars are configured online vs actually purchased. For example I know every person reading this has built a car they cant currently afford online multiple times, lets say a Porsche 911. I wonder how many 911's are…

S class shopping! S class shopping!

Hey oppo heres a quick follow up on the lease question I asked last week, we are now looking at S classes but I’m pushing for a GTS. We are looking at normal S500's with the upgraded interiors, sport package, wheels, driver assistance package, etc... Here’s a photo for your time.

What to lease for $2,000 a month? What to lease for $2,000 a month?

Hey Oppo my dads looking to either take over a lease or just go and get a brand new lease for a car under $2,000 a month. He has been all over the place looking at the S550 S class Mercedes, BMW i8, Porsche 911, Jaguar F-type R, Audi R8 V10, and a few others.

Fiesta ST Test Drive Fiesta ST Test Drive

Today I was driving around with my friend and we stopped at a few dealerships to see the gen 6 Camaros and few other cars, along the way we stopped at a random Ford dealership to check for a GT350 when I found a Fiesta ST.

'15 FoST or '14 Mustang GT '15 FoST or '14 Mustang GT

DISCLAIMER: OP is almost 19 and doesnt care for any sort of practicality I will take suggestions as well.

Z06 Appreciation post Z06 Appreciation post

I think the HRE wheels on the white Z06 look absolutely stunning.

KXCMiles for Mod

Im on all the time, i like to be sarcastic, and post fairly often.

I stole K-Rolls mpg I stole K-Rolls mpg

On a thousand mile trip I got 4 of the highest mpgs I’ve ever gotten in the FoST. Sorry K-Roll we swapped mpgs.

Late night Oppo best $50-80k new car

Oppo you’re in the market for a $50-80k brand new car thats for sale on lots now, what would you buy? Must be new, must be already out not coming soon, and must be no more than $80k with options. My choice is a all black GT350R

What MPG a FoST reallys gets What MPG a FoST reallys gets

With an average of 21.3mpg over just about 12k miles. I don’t know how people get 26mpg average I can’t get 24mpg on the highway, my record high is 28mpg for a 2 gallon fill up.

What is this What is this

I’m not sure if I like it or hate it. A giant lightbar complete with a spare tire and roof rack on top of the car.

360 Manual Ferrari Spyder 360 Manual Ferrari Spyder

So I went to my uncles last night and found out he had purchased a Ferrari. Naturally I had to see it and was over joyed to see this.

2016 Toyota Corolla S: The OppositelockReview 2016 Toyota Corolla S: The OppositelockReview

I recently had the opportunity to drive 600 miles in a 2016 Toyota Corolla S. The S model is probably the most common of all Corollas since it seems that almost all I see on the road are of the “S” variety.

AMA 2016 Toyota Corolla S AMA 2016 Toyota Corolla S

Fellow Oppo’s this next week i’m getting the “privilege” to drive a 2016 Corolla S for about 7 hours, coming from a FoST i’m excited to see what 132hp or literally 50% of what the FoST has will feel like. This isn’t a rental spec Corolla I believe its the top of the line Corolla with leather, touchscreen nav, and a…

A 750li In Its Natural Environment A 750li In Its Natural Environment

Spotted for my first time a basically brand new 750li parked poorly in a handicap spot with no handicap license plate sticker, and no handicap placker hanging from the mirror. But its okay guys he parked with his hazards on.

What Does an Oppo Really Pay For a Car? What Does an Oppo Really Pay For a Car?

Oppo, it seems like the relevance of money has come up in a few posts over the past couple of months when people are talking about affordability. I figured I would make a poll so the members of Oppo can answer what they paid for their most recent car/cars and then we can see what the average Oppo does actually…

Focus RS or Mustang GT? Focus RS or Mustang GT?

So as Oppo knows the Focus RS is coming out very soon to the public for mass purchase. The RS has 350hp/350 lb-ft of torque, AWD, 0-60 in 4.7, 6 speed manual only. The RS i’m sure will be an excellent drivers car much like how all recent Ford performance cars have been. The GT has 435hp/400 lb-ft of torque, RWD, 0-60…

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