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What's a car you forgot you loved? What's a car you forgot you loved?

As someone that religiously reads and occasionally posts on Oppo, I inherently love cars/trucks/vans/wagons of all makes and cylinder configurations. I am partial to P-cars having grown up with a ‘79 911SC but that doesn’t mean I dare discriminate when it comes to automobile enthusiasm.

Boston Area VW Oppos Boston Area VW Oppos

Hey everyone, I’m looking for opinions on dealers/independents in or around Boston for a 40k mile DSG Service on my Mk6 GTI (I’m at 59k and just realized I’m not sure if the previous owner did it at 40k) and have no experience with VW dealers and shops around here yet.

Winter Steel Winter Steel

I posted yesterday about possibly getting some winter tires listed on CL. Pulled the trigger today and tossed them on. I swapped the fronts at work and had to have the shop next door swap the rears. The rear wheels were absolutely nailed to the hubs with corrosion and I couldn’t get them off even with a rubber mallet…

Your OPPOinion? Your OPPOinion?

Nailed a pothole in my MK6 GTI this morning on the commute and blew my FR tire. I’m on Detroit wheels. I live in Boston proper (also where I hit the pothole - such lovely roads here) and commute 14-20 miles round trip M-F.

Gunlopnik- Mass. Residents Preferred Gunlopnik- Mass. Residents Preferred

The 911SC Targa pictured is the one I grew up with and the 1st car I ever drove a manual in. I’ll never understand the Targa hate and believe they look better than Cabs by a factor of 10.

First Cars and Coffee Experience First Cars and Coffee Experience

Finally managed to crawl out of bed before 7 on a Saturday to wash up the GTI and take it to Nashville Cars and Coffee in the two years I’ve been living here. It’s been about 5 years since my dad got rid of our ‘79 911SC, but the “old car burning fuel and oil like a real machine” smell will never leave me, and that…

Nashville for the 4th? Nashville for the 4th?

I’ll be out and about downtown tomorrow just wanted to see if any fellow opponauts will be too

Nashville Oppos... Help again please! Nashville Oppos... Help again please!

Finally found an apartment, got everything approved along with renters insurance etc. Heading up Saturday morning to sign the lease and get moved in. It’s right near the NW corner of the airport and about 6 miles to Broadway (read; 10-15$ Uber ride which is just absolutely perfect). Just using Broadway as a central…

Project CARS Project CARS

So I went in to GameStop today to trade GTA 5 and NHL15 for Forza Horizon 2, both great games but I hardly ever touch my Xbox One any more for anything other than Netflix so I figured a new game may help lure me back in to playing video games. The girl at the counter told me she had one last copy of another racing…

Calling all Nashville Opponauts Calling all Nashville Opponauts

So I’ve parlayed my degree and recent experience in to a job offer in Nashville, I’ll be moving there at the end of the month and starting sometime around then/beginning of June.

A Tribute to The Ol' Girl A Tribute to The Ol' Girl

Waiting on a cab to pick me and the roommates to head to the bars, I'm still living at school on the job hunt. My diploma came to my parents house today and I couldn't be prouder. Anyways, my dad's first statement when he brought the Heep home was "I just want this to get you through college". A senior year of HS and…

What is the name of this song? What is the name of this song?

It's on the tip of my tongue and I cannot remember for the life of me. Skip to 8:15

What is this model C5 called... What is this model C5 called...

I love these and I love notchback Fox bodies. But I can NEVER remember what they called this "notchback" model of the C5. I want to say I'm extremely sure these weren't just the ZO6s but there's always a massive chance that I'm wrong... Can anyone help me out?

Post your favorite sounding Porsche Post your favorite sounding Porsche

Mine basically all fall under the "anything that's n/a that Sharkwerks has touched" category

Stream of Consciousness Late Night Ramblings Stream of Consciousness Late Night Ramblings

I'll be flipping between basically memorizing a 16 page business plan for a presentation tomorrow, looking for jobs in LA with my roommate, and Oppo for the next 8 hours.

She's back!!! She's back!!!

4 weeks later and I've finally got the Jeep back. Both the upstream and downstream O2 sensor wires were corroded to hell and back resulting in it running like complete shit.

Legally speaking

If someone would have tackled one of these massive idiots or bopped them in the head with something could they be charged? I'm honestly surprised no one did. You can't pull a stunt like this in 2014. I know it's "free speech" but this could easily be perceived as a threat at least in my mind


Do any of you guys have a sweet machine that'll stop time for me? Graduating in December (Marketing and Management), applying for jobs/internships, Jeeps in the shop, need to start building my portfolio for sports writing (want to write sports blogs), and in the middle of 4 extremely important classes , all while…

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