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Hats off to the madman who created this. Hats off to the madman who created this.

A Saab Sonnett based rear-engine tube-frame sports car. On craigslist for $3500.

Custom purple flake Fleetline Custom purple flake Fleetline

Took me two tries to finish this one thanks to putting a glue fingerprint in the middle of the door.

Drift missiles! Drift missiles!

I recently decided to build some drift missiles(battered cars used for practice drifting). It was a fun little project, and I’m happy how they came out.

Van Life HWEP & RAOK Van Life HWEP & RAOK

I did a trade with Camshaft Chris, and I knew he was sending the orange JL van, but the GL Wolf Van was a complete surprise. And what an awesome surprise it is! I’ve been trying to find one locally with no luck.

How do I keep finding these? How do I keep finding these?

This is the second time I’ve come across a chase stopping in in the evening long after the scalpers should have gotten the morning’s stock. Half this box was gone, but this was left for some reason. Anyone interested in trading for it?

Surprise HAWL Surprise HAWL

Stopped off to pick up something at Walmart and found all of this. Also saw a replica Jurassic Park jeep while driving home.

You all need to be reminded that this exists You all need to be reminded that this exists

And was a genuine attempt by the owner of the Packard name to revive the brand in 1992.

Apocalyptic fuel hauler Apocalyptic fuel hauler

Some fans of the wargame Gaslands recently found my twitch stream. So i built them a massive fuel hauler on stream.

Why font choice matters Why font choice matters

Otherwise they won’t know you want to run with the SCAT Pack...

Must go Faster! Must go Faster!

I customized a #18 JP Jeep into the #10 Maintenance Jeep (the one that gets chased by the T-Rex).

Well that sucked. Well that sucked.

Got rear-ended by a hit and run driver today. He drove off as I was photographing his license plate. Glad I was suspicious and did not not just “turn down that side street to handle it” like he kept repeating yelling for me to do.

Deadpool Chimichanga truck Deadpool Chimichanga truck

Some really nice details on this one. I especially like that they replaced the ice cream guy with Deadpool.

Chase M2 up for trade. Chase M2 up for trade.

Found this today. I’m not big on chases so I’d be willing to trade it.

Oppo Rally Dilemma  Oppo Rally Dilemma 

I’m trying to decide what my partner and I will drive for the Oppo rally.

Vintage Vanning. Vintage Vanning.

The Hot Wheels decades series does have some winners.

Truck Tuesday Truck Tuesday

The Hot Wheels 50th Anniversary wheels look really good on trucks.

Can you chase a Garage? Can you chase a Garage?

I found this garage in, of all places, a Pep Boys. I haven’t seen one like this before,and couldn’t find any info about if it is special. The stickers inside appear to be for Greenlight products, or intended to look like carded cars hung up.

1953 Chevy Convertible 1953 Chevy Convertible

Lopped the roof off this Hot Wheels to make a convertible.

Shiny and slammed Shiny and slammed

This was a spectraflame 4x4 Ford with chipped paint and bent axles. Now it is stripped and slammed on 50th anniversary wheels.

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