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Fun finds. Fun finds.

Apparently the Target i stopped at this afternoon had a collector event earlier in the day.

Sweet Jesus! Sweet Jesus!

No, that isn’t something in your absinthe, you are actually looking at the unholy combination of 90s Mustang and 1905 Plymouth.

Massive Trade Bait/HWEP post. Massive Trade Bait/HWEP post.

Doing some culling. I’d prefer to trade, but would be open to selling these if there aren’t trades to be had.

Want list.

What I’m currently obsessing about:

Flea Market HAWL Flea Market HAWL

Today’s finds at the local flea market. The pickup, fleetline, torpedo, and jeep are all going to get customized. The others are likely to be trade bait or parts donors.

* T-Rex roar * * T-Rex roar *

I detailed up one of the new MBX Jurassic Park Explorers. I think this is the first time I’ve tried to duplicate a specific paint scheme. I really enjoyed the challenge.

Quick kustom, the "Squished Grape" Quick kustom, the "Squished Grape"

Just a quick re-do of a very battered cast. I need to find more of these as this one has given me ideas...

Teutonic Tuesday. Rough speedster edition. Teutonic Tuesday. Rough speedster edition.

Just in under the wire is this Speedster i finished on the stream tonight. In addition to the repaint and weathering, it got a custom windshield due to my ruining the original one.

Work in progress wheelstander van Work in progress wheelstander van

I’ve been building an m2 Ford Econoline into this wheelstander van. I chopped the roof, and mounted a V8 from a HW 55 gasser midship. I still need to rework the suspension as I’m not entirely happy with the stance.

Want an '85 Corvette, but terrible? Want an '85 Corvette, but terrible?

How about one that someone got 25% of the way into converting into a “rat rod”.

Classic Jurassic Park! Classic Jurassic Park!

Had to have these once i spotted them. For those looking for them, they are with the action figures and not the diecasts.

Made some wheels fit the Fit Made some wheels fit the Fit

I have an aesthetic, and that aesthetic is painted steelies with poverty caps. So after burning through three die grinder bits, the xB’s steel wheels now fit the wider hubs of Aubergine.

Removing ancient rubber bands? Removing ancient rubber bands?

I bought a set of 4 Matchbox from 1999 at the flea market this weekend. Honestly all but the gasser (last pic) are going to be parts donors, However three of them have ancient rubber bands fossilized onto them.

Well shoot. Well shoot.

Turns out the xB rims won’t fit on the Fit despite the same bolt pattern because the Honda hub is way bigger than the opening in the Toyota wheel.

Diecast show & Flea market finds Diecast show & Flea market finds

Found these three at a small diecast show yesterday hosted by a local diecast shop. The hot rod ice cream truck will go in my collextion of ice cream trucks. The DenimMachine is a replica of the ones built in collaboration with Coke, Levis, and Hot Rod magazine and may be the most 70s thing ever. And the camper &…

Meet Aubergine Meet Aubergine

Went and looked at the 2009 Honda Fit Sport, and decided to buy it. It is a 5-speed with 151K miles. Runs/Drives/Stops great, has some dings but is presentable.

Car shopping Car shopping

I’ve given up on the xB after a month old repair failed in exactly the same way. 10+ years of ownership is coming to an end.

Flea market finds Flea market finds

Made it out to the local flea market and picked these up. But what was really interesting is the one i didn’t make it home with...

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