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Does this make me a professional customizer? Does this make me a professional customizer?

Got “paid” for my Datsun wagon gasser. The KISS ‘59 chevy is going to get striped and redone.

Bosozoku may become my new obsession Bosozoku may become my new obsession

I had fun detailing and wheelswapping this Track Manga. And giving it a proper bosozoku exhaust.

Ready for delivery Ready for delivery

I’m trading this Datsun wagon gasser to a local diecast vendor. Not only does this protect it, but it uses up one of the pile of these M2 cases I have hanging around.

Project Colony Ship, Getting Hitched Project Colony Ship, Getting Hitched

Finally had a nice day, and got the hitch installed on Project Colony Ship.

 Never know whats out there.  Never know whats out there.

A co-worker of my gf asked her if I could restore his favorite childhood matchbox. She sent me pics of it, and it turns out to be an error car!

Datsun 510 Gasser Datsun 510 Gasser

This was fun to build. I’m making it to trade with a local diecast vendor for some other casts.

Dumb snow fun Dumb snow fun

Tried to pull Project Colony Ship off its cement pad into the driveway without clearing the foot of old snow in the way first.

Nissan Junior Drift Rat Nissan Junior Drift Rat

Sitting on a 180SX chassis.

Thursday Hearsday Thursday Hearsday

I built this ‘84 Cadillac hearse from the Ecto-1 cast from the new movie.

Highway Diorama is done! Highway Diorama is done!

I finished making and installing the last of the signs on my Twitch stream last night. So the diorama is done.

The last thing I need is another project The last thing I need is another project

But this ‘71 Mustang looks like rolling evil.

Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you get lucky.

50th anniversary Datsun for $0.84. I got two Javelins at that price too as wheel donors.

First completed highway sign First completed highway sign

I finished the first large highway sign. The “concrete” bases are magnets to make it removable.

Highway signage. Highway signage.

finally getting the signs built for the diorama. Vdubyajohn helped out by sizing the signs to scale, and laying them out so i can print a bunch on one page.

Diecast ID help? Diecast ID help?

Saw this wagon with opening tailgate listed as part of a big lot of diecasts on craigslist and it is driving me nuts trying to ID it. Anyone know what this is and who made it?

Highway diorama update Highway diorama update

The diorama is going well. Grass is done, and it and the roads are coated in several layers of matter clear lacquer. The stripes were done with pinstriping tape, which may or may not hold long term.

Hour Rule Hour Rule

From my "favorite acquisitions of 2018" post that i never got around to writing.

If you're going to put up a scam ad... If you're going to put up a scam ad...

...maybe don’t use a pic of the most famous baja bug in NY.

Apocalyptic '55. Apocalyptic '55.

this was a quick build because i was bored last night. This is the gasser body using the chassis aand fromt wheels from a fire truck and a set of 3d printed rears.

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