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Skedoodle Skedoodle


Bad Company (1972) Bad Company (1972)

Directed by Robert Benton.

Sandwich of the Day: Tuna Twist Sandwich of the Day: Tuna Twist

Hey, Ma! This is better than your ordinary crap, what gives? That’s the new Tuna Twist, honey.  1976.

Waffles Waffles

I’ve got a few eggs. I’ve got buttermilk. And I have a new thing of Bisquick and unopened bottle of cheap syrup. Most importantly I have some new Pam spray. Last time I used the waffle iron the first one stuck on like cement.

Electronic Intercept  Electronic Intercept 

Ninjas? 1978. From Lakeside.

The Hardy Boys The Hardy Boys

1969 ABC. Filmation.

Pompeii Pompeii

Library of Congress. 1890 photochrom color.

Vintage Plastic Kites Vintage Plastic Kites

99 cents at the Stop n Go. Several of us bought convenience store kites when we were in Florida and had dogfights on the beach. Vintage kites from Library of Congress.

Parker Brothers Parker Brothers

Toy and game brands from the Golden Horn. Stop Thief 1981 header. Parker Brothers games.

Night Flight Night Flight

Welcome to Night Flight. Your weekend open thread. Impasse.

Svengoolie: The Gorgon (1964) Svengoolie: The Gorgon (1964)

The Gorgon will be the Svengoolie feature this week. Hammer Films. Directed by Terence Fisher.

What is Myrrh, Anyway? What is Myrrh, Anyway?

On my Wal-Mart trip for fabric and cardboard, I also got a couple of things of incense. Frankincense and Myrrh.

Hasbro Hasbro

Yo, Joe. Hasbro commercials vintage 70s and 80s.

One Wall One Wall

I have two lamps built into the wall on either side of the bed. Rarely on at the same time. On now. The photographer in me notices the light that does not at all come through in the header. With the tripod I am taking multiple frames and zooms to see if any are sharp. Trade paperbacks, Book Club, science, etc., all of…

Crayola Crayons Crayola Crayons

More stuff I found. The Crayolas I remember specifically because I grabbed them off the street off a pile of trash. Almost untouched set of 48. The two boxes of oil pastels I have no idea where they came from. I wouldn’t know what to do with an oil pastel, or a crayon for that matter. Vintage Crayola, history, etc. to…

Newer Cereal Ads Newer Cereal Ads

More cereal. I was going to add a couple new ones in the comments but then I found a bunch. Newish to new that wouldn’t have been collected before. I sometimes remember the toys and inserts. 1973 header.

The Golden Horn's Fascination with Cereal The Golden Horn's Fascination with Cereal

Trump word of the day was cereal. I did notice when I was doing food topic commercials that it was heavily advertised. Very heavily. There was no way to cover it in one post. I’ve done several. One for Backtalk had the most brand names. “Cereal Ads.”

Vintage Pencil Sharpeners Vintage Pencil Sharpeners

This is often how I get my topics. During the latest home project I came across a bunch of stuff I haven’t seen in ten years, or more. Like my floor safe. And my pencil sharpener. One time I did vintage soap ads because I had a brick of Ivory soap on the table.


35 degrees. (UPDATE): 33 degrees. 31 degrees. 30 degrees [6:10 a.m. Central Thur. 15.]

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