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VW IDR at the 'ring VW IDR at the 'ring

The VW I.D. R did laps today... I don’t think it broke any records judging by what they said, BUT they said they’ll be back. Probably gonna adjust some things.

Just a reminder that this song exists. Just a reminder that this song exists.

Always helps me with the commute.

If You Ain't First, You're Last If You Ain't First, You're Last

The year is 1975. Mark Donahue is still Roger Penske’s golden boy. As a last hurrah for his Porsche 917/30, Penske is going for an outright speed record.

The Wolf The Wolf

Walter Wolf was an oil tycoon in the 70s. He was heavily involved in Formula 1 and owned a successful team. His team ended up getting 4th in the constructors championship in 1977. Not bad when you had teams like Marlboro McLaren, Elf Tyrrell, Ferrari, JPS Lotus, Martini Brabham and others. Racing drivers like Lauda,…

Late Night Magnus Late Night Magnus

Gotta say his statue creeps me out a tiny bit...

Two 50 year-olds meet. Two 50 year-olds meet.

Source: Porsche Newsroom.

Porsche 917s Porsche 917s

Btw if you haven’t checked out the latest Grand Tour episode, they have a great bit on the 917. Got inspired to take some shots using a pair of books 8 have.

New living room display New living room display

Snice I got a house back in December I think I have found the right set up for the book shelves I the living room. I apologize if kinja has it’s way with my phone pictures...

So many Kombis So many Kombis

THanks to mustangfan I now have all of the mainlines! (Minus the super... that I probablynwont ever get) all of em hanging out here with my one custom in the back.

Trade Bait Trade Bait

Ive been making a trade pile... I think it needs to go. Make me an offer! Mainly I grab stuff when I think someone here would want something but I always forget to post.

Update: Enginerrrrrrrrr's Vintage Sale Update: Enginerrrrrrrrr's Vintage Sale

Update: As with the Porsches, I’ll be posting the rest of these on EBay this weekend if there are no other takers here.

Update: Enginerrrrrrrrr's also selling some Porsches... Update: Enginerrrrrrrrr's also selling some Porsches...

Update: I’ll probably be posting the other two on EvilBay this weekend if LaLD is not interested.

Kool Error Kool Error

I was surprised to find this guy was missing something. Main side you see when it’s on the card:

Stay warm middle USA! Stay warm middle USA!

Make sure you’re using proper transport if you have to go out into the hoth like frozen abyss. This picture was about an hour after it turned from rain to snow. It's much worse now haha.

Hot Wheels fans, here's a shirt. Hot Wheels fans, here's a shirt.

Blipshift has a shirt for sale through the weekend that might interest a few of us...

Successsssss Successsssss

It has been so long since I’ve found a complete set of something let alone two!!! Luckily I was able to leave a third complete set behind for someone else but figured someone here would like a set. Anyone want the second set?

A soft top Porsche A soft top Porsche

Alright, now that Ferrari February is over I need to post a Porsche ;)

Ferrari February: The finale Ferrari February: The finale

Made it through! Thanks to everyone on IG for dealing with all the red. I’m happy February is the short month...

Wedges Wedges

In the Redline era, Hot Wheels was keen on the awesome wedge concepts of the late 60's/early 70's. Went to a local toy fair a week-ish ago (cars4marc went too!). Was a good fair as there was a ton of hot wheels. Some other brands too, but mostly hot wheels. of course there were many Redlines that made me excited. I…

RLC Sign-Up Day! RLC Sign-Up Day!

If you were looking to join, today’s the day!

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