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Bah, my copy of Lego City: Undercover is delayed for two weeks because of manufacturer delays. I can't cancel it and buy it elsewhere, because I used a gift card. Sad times, very sad times.

Anybody have the link to that Blizzard teaser sight?

Looks like Pandora's Tower got delayed until April 16th.

Whatever happened to that Blizzard teaser sight? Did it ever reveal anything?

Sweet fairy tale Jesus. Bit Trip Runner 2 demo was fucking amazeballs. It was the first time I have ever played a game in the series. So I ask you this fellow Kotaku-ites: Should I buy the 3DS cartridge with multiple games on it? Will I love those games as well?

I wouldn't be sad if she married me.

Is there a release date for The Wonderful 101 or Pikmin 3 yet?

Any takers on when Microsoft will announce their Durango reveal? My guess is before E3 now for sure.

I can confirm, for anyone wondering, that the ZombiU Wii U bundle comes with the system fully up-to-date.

Does anybody know if you reach platinum status on Club Nintendo if extra coins spill over towards the next year?

Well, I have resided on Earth for exactly twenty-eight years today.


Fuck GameStop. I just went to go pick up my Ni No Kuni pre-order and was told they only have four steel books.

Does anyone happen to know if the Griffy familiar for the Amazon preorder for Ni No Kuni is going to be any good for a substantial part of the game? I am kind of tempted if it will be good. But, the steel book is pretty awesome, even though I will have to give GameStop money.

After having my Vita for about a week, I can say that I am 100% happy to have purchased one.

Well, friends, I finally did it.

Why hasn't the Steam sale switched to something new today?

Is anyone else having issues with the Square Enix online sale? I click Black Friday, yet everything is still at full price and there is no promotional codes to enter in.

If anyone has submitted to the League of Legends comic contest, I would love to see your work! Please reply to here. =D

S0rry to sound like a broken record, but anyone at Gamescom have any extra free skins from Riot's booth?

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