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No Thanks, I'd Rather Walk. No Thanks, I'd Rather Walk.

Photo taken at Carlisle Import and Performance Nationals, 2019

Drift? Drift?


Quite a Bit Going On Here... Quite a Bit Going On Here...

Seen while grocery shopping.

Greetings from Carlisle! Greetings from Carlisle!

Have a Mighty Boy!

The Other E90... The Other E90...

These are more my style. My dad had a ‘90 Prizm; my uncle, an ‘89 Corolla. Both found them to be great cars. None had the 4A-GE though.

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I occasionally watch VINWIKI videos, and this one seems appropriate for here...

Size Difference... Size Difference...

Just a little bit...

Hola, Que Es Esto? Hola, Que Es Esto?

Southern PA is a little far away from Mexico.

A Reasonable Way to Settle a Dispute...

Courtesy of WFMZ 69 News. 

Seen This Evening... Seen This Evening...

Yes, it’s real...

Keep off the Grass! Keep off the Grass!

The area around the garage is looking a bit more lush.  

Good Old Windows... Good Old Windows...

This was from a few years ago, but I still find it amusing...

Let There Be Light... Let There Be Light...

I finally got a new bulb for the old rotobeam. It only took ~15 years... the bulb died and it ended up in the bottom of a drawer.

What’s for Dinner, Oppo? What’s for Dinner, Oppo?

I’m currently enjoying this cheesesteak from a shop down the street. I’m also currently listening to smooth jazz radio, because why not?

Radio Coincidence? Radio Coincidence?

One of my local radio stations played this:

Happy Easter! Happy Easter!

May your day be as bright as this Cougar!

Pontiac Phoenix Pontiac Phoenix

Yes, these still exist apparently. It also appears to be a different car from the one I saw back in 2015.

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