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Glitchy? Glitchy?

I can't click on any of the Groupthink posts to read them and/or reply. AND THIS WHILE THERE'S SO MUCH GOING ON.


Jessica Coen just posted a highly critical piece about how xojane used an inaccurate headline (something along the lines of 'I was raped at Disney World', while the girl wasn't technically raped at Disney World, but was a Disney employee raped by another Disney employe) to draw page clicks. Of course she was…


Please let's not give the Amanda Bynes post on the mainpage any page clicks. I mean SERIOUSLY.

Mad Men conspiracy theory

Do not go here if you're allergic to Mad Men spoilers (even if they turn out not to be true).


Did I miss last week's Mad Men recap? I can't find it anywhere. Also: what happened to Jenna's daily Rag Trade?

The Apprentice

Any British Jezzies watching The Apprentice? I just can't get over the extreme makeup that all the female candidates favor: Scouse brows, huge amounts of blush and bronzer, frosted lipstick, truckloads of hair extensions... It looks like they are applying to be a Playmate instead of an 'entrepeneur'. I'm a huge…


I'm very touched by all the personal stories from commenters today, about their own experiences with breast cancer.


I don't read the comments on the main page for a couple of weeks (hey, I had things to do) and a ton of trolls have crawled back?! Is there still such a thing as Troll Patrol?


What is the Powder Room?

Oh dearrrrrr

Justin Bieber visited the Anne Frank House: 'Hopefully she would have been a Belieber.' Maybe he should have stayed in school?

Madonna please stawppp

Someone needs to tear Madonna away from her Facebook account. Her multiple posts trying to prove that she is a Real Selfless Humanitarian are embarrassing.

Celebs vs TSA

Love this tumblr! Celebs being groped by TSA, just like us commoners. I just have one question: how do the paps get to the TSA checkpoint? Security not being very secure.


Hey Powers That Be, thanks for adding me to GT (and by PTB, I mean Celia, because you're probably behind it ;-) ). This looks mighty time consuming but who knows, I might get used to it. Again. And it's a good feeling that some people will never make it here.

Nice job criticizing a 17 year old's body.

Seriously, this troll should try harder. So obvious, so lame.


Troll! And a MJ stalker

Hey techies, NYTClean doesn't work anymore (to get past the paywall of the NY Times website). Any new solutions?

Please kill this anti-choice 'inconvenience'

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