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Walgreens Renault Walgreens Renault

Holding my Klipsch down. It’s a tough job but something’s gotta do it

Barn finds Barn finds

This is where I keep putting stuff I am finding in the garage I am turning into a house. Keep finding die cast in the spiderwebs in corners...

Wedges Wedges

A great styling element

Old Knowledge Old Knowledge

Often enough around here I see the question “what’s a good way to start learning how to work on my car?”. Well I found this great old book the other day while going through some boxes up at the farm. It seems like one of those that tells you what to do to avoid trouble or get past issues that may arise. I haven’t torn…

Asking the experts... Asking the experts...

I have a thing about having some die-cast riding along with me in my cars, usually stuck to the dash. The above shot is the dash of my 87 Range Rover. My Google fu is failing me today as I am looking for the following for other cars. Did anyone ever make a Peugeot 505 wagon, or a 61-63 full size Buick wagon (63…

Dusty Benz Dusty Benz

Didn’t even want to pick it up and disturb its slumber. Found in my father in laws house yesterday.

505 can into 405 505 can into 405

Well Oppo I got me a new phone that allows me to kinja better. Not the best solution but I am working my way back to it. With my Range Rover down and not wanting to beat the sw8 in the snow, I got a 405 I briefly owned back with a fresh set of Vredestein snow tires on it! It has been a fantastic car in the Maine snow.…

505 Winter Happenings 505 Winter Happenings

Well hi Oppo. Been a few months and I am sitting in front of a computer for the first time in a year or so so I wanted to check in and make a substantial post as I have been promising for some time. Sooo here we go!

505: back in the Turbeaux game 505: back in the Turbeaux game

More to come, but this lovely FREE sw8 turbo wagon landed in my lap this week. Taking it 500 miles this weekend. I couldn’t say nah

My new steed has arrived My new steed has arrived

Well, it showed up at my place last weekend with a big bow and a need for batteries at least. 1975 Citicar. For free. Some of you I know on Facebook are aware of it, but here it is for the oppoverse to enjoy. See I told you I was going to post more!! Also have a superstar opponaut showing up tomorrow for the weekend!

Of Happenings! Of Happenings!

I just realized I am blessed to have 2 oppo brethren coming up to the Island the next 2 weekends. I feel some postings coming on. One of them isn’t bringing his cool car so I am loaning him my Range Rover to drive around Acadia. Ill be in touch soon Oppo. Miss you!

Big Pink rides again Big Pink rides again

My daughters got a ride in the Invicta this weekend, for the first time. Eventually this will be my eldests first car, so a pretty cool thing (as long as gas remains available and reasonable that is). Big Pink 4eva!

8 days late... 8 days late...

Trying to get back to posting here more regular like. Here is a shot of Ms. 505 and some friends and our whip for the July 4th parade. Ms. 505s grandpa restored the 28 A truck a long time ago, and it really only comes out on the 4th. But we did take it for a good rip around the island all day, with 4 people and a dog…

Hi there Oppo Hi there Oppo

First and foremost, I want to thank or beat up Jcarr for writing a post earlier reminding myself and all of Oppo it has been a whole year since I have been on here. Probably thank. So where has 505 been and what is cookin’? Around a year ago I got laid off from my high paying marketing gig. Should have known it was…

Back on the grid... Back on the grid...

got back to town after a 3.5 hour drive this morning after being up to the island since last week. Weird weekend, lots of life, death, and celebration of both. Hope everyone had a safe one. Here is a teaser for when I get through some work and can actually write it up (and actually edit some video)

So damn sexy So damn sexy

I saw this thing last night, silver over red interior Targa 4s, parked where there is usually a base model Carrera that is wholly unimpressive. Hell of a good design

Lovely Ninety-Eight Lovely Ninety-Eight

I had an inkling it might have been a green interior 98 for sale, my favorite color combo. When I turned around I saw a NP of $6700 and all the green trimmings and American excess you could hope for. They even left the door open

The Oppo Garage and future 505 homestead The Oppo Garage and future 505 homestead

Well, the happier part of the weekend was getting some things figured out for the big move up the coast. I went and checked out the garage property and started getting some ideas together and budgets. Pretty much we need to set a deadline for my lady’s father to figure out what junk he wants to keep, and what I am…


So the Jeep WK was almost ready for sale, just finished getting paint on the fenders where they were surface rusting, and all the dings pulled out of the bumpers and those painted, cleaned and waxed it, then I get home from a relaxing weekend off the grid to this. No note, no mention of someone responsible. This…

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