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Having a lapse of sanity. Having a lapse of sanity.

Need y’alls help. French movie. Wide body 66 or 67 Mustang Coupe.

Hour...whatever, I'm so weird. Hour...whatever, I'm so weird.

To anyone too young to know this movie.... get it.

Random Post.... Random Post....

Can anyone name the cars in this (great) song?

Hour Rule Hour Rule

It’s electric...boogie woogie woogie

Since I sold my 3 Series.....

Stop me stop me stop me......

March 5th 1982 March 5th 1982

The anniversary of the death of one of the best funny people ever.

"Holy crap girl" "Holy crap girl"

This is my younger sister driving a Porsche GT3. Yes...she is a bad ass.

My view from lunch today. My view from lunch today.

There are definitely worse places to eat fried cheese curds at 1 in the afternoon with a lovely beer. That is all.

I Got a Brick...again... I Got a Brick...again...

And, yes, I did park my BMW in BMW fashion... (only for a few minutes, don’t hurt me)

When it Rains it Pours When it Rains it Pours

And Hour Rule.

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