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Washington State Football Coach Tweets Fake Obama Video and Then Proves His Ignorance by Arguing About It Washington State Football Coach Tweets Fake Obama Video and Then Proves His Ignorance by Arguing About It

Mike Leach is the head coach of the Washington State football team. He also proved himself to be a fucking idiot after he tweeted out an obviously fake, conspiracy theorist video of former President Barack Obama under the guise of civil conversation:

The Pop Up: Once You Hear the Voice of Roc Nation’s Darling, Victory Boyd, You’ll Realize Why Jay-Z Loves Her

Victory Boyd is Roc Nation’s newest darling. She’s a young black queen from New Jersey by way of Detroit. In fact, Victory’s dad, John Boyd (who came with her to The Root’s office) founded the Boys and Girls Choirs of Detroit. Why am I telling you about Victory’s dad before I tell you more about her? It’s because the…

Judge of Characters: Your President Is Clueless

This week, the orange crayon of a human being proved that he’s just as clueless as we all thought he was. Donald Trump’s list of stupidity starts with champing at the bit to meet with Kim Kardashian West and goes into not knowing the words to “God Bless America,” then extends down to claiming that footballers who…

New Video Shows Cop Stepping on NBA Guard Sterling Brown’s Ankle While Discussing Potential Backlash New Video Shows Cop Stepping on NBA Guard Sterling Brown’s Ankle While Discussing Potential Backlash

New video of the violent arrest of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown appears to show one officer stepping on Brown’s ankle while he had already been tased and handcuffed while the officers discussed the backlash around taking down a black NBA player.

Judge of Characters: Wypipo Want Everything We Have, Even Our Oppression

Why are we still talking about who can and cannot say the n-word? White people, please hear me out. There will never be any occasion when you will need to use the n-word, ever. Even if Kendrick Lamar invites you onstage and the only word in the song is “nigga,” don’t say it. Censor yourself the same way I do with…

The Glow Up Anthem of the Week: Cardi B Warns Us to ‘Be Careful’

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, so our minds have been deeply invested in taking care—of ourselves, our hearts and minds, and of each other. So the timing really couldn’t have been better for Cardi B to debut the video for “Be Careful,” one of our favorite singles on her chart-topping album, Invasion of Privacy.

Zazie Beetz Is the Only Thing That Matters in Deadpool 2

“I know white superheroes aren’t your thing,” The Root’s resident Suge Knight, also known as our deputy managing editor, Yesha Callahan, said to me as she tasked me with writing about Deadpool 2. No, white superheroes aren’t my thing, but Ryan Reynolds is my thing, and even more so, Zazie Beetz as freakin’ Domino!

Judge of Characters: Hello, 911? It’s Me, White America

What in the world happened this week? It seemed like racism was determined to show its casual and ugly face all over America with the terrible trend of #LivingWhileBlack. All of a sudden, black people are having the cops show up after someone white calls the cops because they’re afraid. These black folks have been…

Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ Explained by 2 People Who Don’t Pretend to Understand It Donald Glover’s ‘This Is America’ Explained by 2 People Who Don’t Pretend to Understand It

Since Donald Glover/Childish Gambino released the awe-inspiring video for his song “This Is America,” the internet has been filled with people explaining the symbolism of the imagery, subtext and subtle references contained in the music video.

Judge of Characters: We’re Not Laughing at Slavery, We’re Laughing at Kanye

Kanye West’s name has been on most of our lips throughout the last week as he slides from digital rant to in-person rant and back again. Even when you want nothing more than to avoid all that Kanye’s been spewing, it’s tough to do.

Judge of Characters: Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Racism

This has been a very hard week to swallow, namely because of rapper and former black man Kanye West. Kim Kardashian’s doting husband has been known for his sporadic rants, but this time (like many times before) he took to Twitter to share whatever thoughts were running through his brain.

Judge of Characters: Can White People Do Black Hair?

Perhaps the proper question is, can “transracial” mascot Rachel Dolezal do black hair? Well, she does, and has been doing so for a while; she acknowledged in her book, In Full Color, that she would do hair in college as a side hustle. That hustle has grown into a full-on kitchen-beautician business, and Dolezal is now…

Watch: Bill Cosby’s Spokesman Shames Topless Protester

On Monday a topless protester hopped a barricade at Bill Cosby’s sexual assault retrial in Norristown, Pa. The protester, Nicolle Rochelle—who is a former actor on The Cosby Show—told reporters that she wanted to make Cosby uncomfortable because “that is exactly what he has been doing for decades to women.”

Watch: What It’s Like to Be a Black Woman in Hollywood

Diversity and representation are the hot-button topics in Hollywood right now. In an industry that reflects the world in which we live, black people and women—so, basically black women—are often underrepresented in Hollywood. But people like Tyler Perry are changing that. Sure, he’s a polarizing figure based on his…

Judge of Characters: The Hatred of Black Women

The death of Stephon Clark does what many black men’s deaths at the hands of police do: rally the troops to protest why, for some strange reason, black lives seemingly don’t matter. There’s no way for us to think otherwise when Clark was shot down in less than seven seconds in his grandmother’s backyard.

Watch: Officers Who Killed Stephon Clark Come From a Department Already Under Scrutiny

Police departments across the nation have long been under scrutiny for officer-involved shootings, particularly of unarmed African Americans, and law enforcement officers in Sacramento, Calif., are no exception.

Watch: Roxanne Shanté Explains How She Created Hip-Hop Diss Records

Lolita Shanté Gooden, aka Roxanne Shanté, is a hip-hip icon, a living legend, if you will. Netflix has released Roxanne Roxanne, a biopic that chronicles Shanté’s humble beginnings in Queens, N.Y., in the ’80s. Shanté was a solidified rap staple from the Queensbridge Houses. She could rap circles around anybody and…

Watch: Teens March 50 Miles in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

A group of teens began a 50-mile march in Mississippi on March 31 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and to mark the 50th anniversary of his assassination. The group, which includes adult mentors, will finish its march on April 4 at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., where King was killed on April 4, 1968.

Watch: Patti LaBelle Is Everyone’s Favorite Mom

There’s something about Mrs. Wayne from A Different World.

Watch: This Is How New Legislation Puts Sex Workers in Danger

For Women’s History Month, Jezebel and The Root are partnering for JezeRoot, a series that focuses on women of color, domestic workers and sex workers.

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