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This Is How Black Joy and Resistance Triumphed Over White Supremacy at D.C.'s Unite The Right Rally

White supremacists behind the original Unite the Right rally that terrorized Charlottesville, Va., in 2017 with violent protests, decided to have another riveting event. This time, in our nation’s capital. But the group was dwarfed by counter-protestors. This is their story.

Soledad O'Brien Wants Journalists to Stop Playing Games and Call a Racist a Racist

There’s a lot of people out here, namely, journalists who refuse to call out Donald Trump as a racist. One seasoned newsperson, Soledad O’Brien, ain’t having it!

Is Watermelon Racist or Nah?

Did you know the watermelon is from Africa? Or that it’s actually a berry? And that they’re delicious AF? Yet given its history via racist white America, the watermelon can be triggering for black folks.

Danielle Brooks Shines Bright as Her Character Faces Darkness in Season 6 of Orange is the New Black

Orange is the New Black took Netflix by storm. The chronicle of a white woman’s prison sentence gave us glimpses into the world of women in prison, particularly women of color. From petty thieves to murderers, shows like OITNB remind us of the humanity in everyone.

Judge of Characters: Stand Your Ground Only Works for White People

Florida’s Stand Your Ground law faced heavy scrutiny back in 2012 when George Zimmerman, a white-passing neighborhood watchman saw Trayvon Martin walking down the street minding his own business. Zimmerman deemed Trayvon scary and a “punk” and followed him. Their confrontation left Trayvon dead and his killer a free…

The Pop Up: pineappleCITI Just Might Be Your New Favorite Rapper

Some say hip-hop is an overstuffed musical genre. That’s both a gift and a curse because it means there’s a variety of ways to express yourself as a hip-hop artist. And that’s what rapper pineappleCITI loves about music—self expression.

Michael Arceneaux's Debut Book, I Can't Date Jesus is For Those Who Unapologetically Bop...With Chicken Wings

“I just want to be in Miss Tina’s book club,” Michael Arceneaux says in a matter-of-fact way as he’s chatting about life, love and all things Beyoncé when he bopped his way to The Root’s office for an interview.

Judge of Characters: Does Justice Have a Shelf Life?

Here’s the thing about justice: it’s rare that people of color ever get to see it in action because it usually doesn’t work in our favor. What’s even more frustrating and disheartening is when said justice comes over 60 years later and everyone involved, but one person, is dead.

Judge of Characters: Meet the Racist Caucasian Crusaders

With the latest, disgusting trend of white people unnecessarily calling the cops on people of color, it’s obvious that wypipo have found a whole new way to white. (That’s with the hard “wh.”)

The Pop Up: Deva Mahal's Vintage Soul Sound Will Grab Your Attention and Your Eardrums

Growing up, Deva Mahal’s parents made sure that their house was filled with music. “There were no places that were off limits and there were no genres where we were not allowed to go,” she says. So it’s no wonder that now, as an artist, Deva’s music is a reflection of her parents’ early influence.

The First Purge Is Triggering AF, But Y’lan Noel as a New Black Action Star Makes It Worth the Watch

Thank God for black heroes on the big screen! If Black Panther proved anything, it was that we’ve been starving for black action heroes. The Marvel blockbuster hit gave us black hero after black hero and I’m still reeling in the warmth of pride in my chest over Wakanda.

Judge of Characters: We Gotta Be Civil to These Supremacists for What?

Why is it an issue of civility when Auntie Maxine Waters says this to a crowd of people:

Ericka and Ebony: ‘Our Love Is Not Complicit in White Systems’

“I feel like people don’t hate our love. They hate who we are. I think the world hates black people,” Ericka Hart said.

Judge of Characters: Why Is America Like This?

By now, your feed has been flooded with disturbing images of immigrant children being separated from their parents. The Trump administration is responsible for creating a zero tolerance policy that criminally prosecutes undocumented immigrants and separates parents from their children (only after a national outcry…

Alfre Woodard Is a Diabolical Villain Who Oozes Sex Appeal in Season 2 of Luke Cage

Luke Cage is coming back to us for a second season, and this time, shit gets real! There are new characters, like Mariah Dillard’s (Alfre Woodard) estranged daughter, played by Gabrielle Dennis, and we get to see Woodard be sexy in her new love affair with Shades.

Washington State Football Coach Tweets Fake Obama Video and Then Proves His Ignorance by Arguing About It Washington State Football Coach Tweets Fake Obama Video and Then Proves His Ignorance by Arguing About It

Mike Leach is the head coach of the Washington State football team. He also proved himself to be a fucking idiot after he tweeted out an obviously fake, conspiracy theorist video of former President Barack Obama under the guise of civil conversation:

The Pop Up: Once You Hear the Voice of Roc Nation’s Darling, Victory Boyd, You’ll Realize Why Jay-Z Loves Her

Victory Boyd is Roc Nation’s newest darling. She’s a young black queen from New Jersey by way of Detroit. In fact, Victory’s dad, John Boyd (who came with her to The Root’s office) founded the Boys and Girls Choirs of Detroit. Why am I telling you about Victory’s dad before I tell you more about her? It’s because the…

Judge of Characters: Your President Is Clueless

This week, the orange crayon of a human being proved that he’s just as clueless as we all thought he was. Donald Trump’s list of stupidity starts with champing at the bit to meet with Kim Kardashian West and goes into not knowing the words to “God Bless America,” then extends down to claiming that footballers who…

New Video Shows Cop Stepping on NBA Guard Sterling Brown’s Ankle While Discussing Potential Backlash New Video Shows Cop Stepping on NBA Guard Sterling Brown’s Ankle While Discussing Potential Backlash

New video of the violent arrest of Milwaukee Bucks guard Sterling Brown appears to show one officer stepping on Brown’s ankle while he had already been tased and handcuffed while the officers discussed the backlash around taking down a black NBA player.

Judge of Characters: Wypipo Want Everything We Have, Even Our Oppression

Why are we still talking about who can and cannot say the n-word? White people, please hear me out. There will never be any occasion when you will need to use the n-word, ever. Even if Kendrick Lamar invites you onstage and the only word in the song is “nigga,” don’t say it. Censor yourself the same way I do with…

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