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A Look at the Superfly Soundtrack, Then and Now

Superfly, the remake of the classic flick Super Fly, hits theaters today. The film’s soundtrack is executive-produced by Future.

Malcolm Jenkins’ ‘You Aren’t Listening’ Silent Interview Is the Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week Malcolm Jenkins’ ‘You Aren’t Listening’ Silent Interview Is the Blackest Thing That Ever Happened This Week

I remember when I first learned that the deployment of young people during the protests, marches, boycotts and sit-ins to defeat Jim Crow was strategic.

Zazie Beetz Is the Only Thing That Matters in Deadpool 2

“I know white superheroes aren’t your thing,” The Root’s resident Suge Knight, also known as our deputy managing editor, Yesha Callahan, said to me as she tasked me with writing about Deadpool 2. No, white superheroes aren’t my thing, but Ryan Reynolds is my thing, and even more so, Zazie Beetz as freakin’ Domino!

Judge of Characters: Hello, 911? It’s Me, White America

What in the world happened this week? It seemed like racism was determined to show its casual and ugly face all over America with the terrible trend of #LivingWhileBlack. All of a sudden, black people are having the cops show up after someone white calls the cops because they’re afraid. These black folks have been…

Watch: Kerry James Marshall Just Sold the Most Expensive Painting by a Living African-American Artist [Updated]

Updated: Friday, May 18, 2018, 11:14 a.m. EDT: Plot twist—turns out, none other than Sean “Diddy” Combs was the mystery buyer of the Kerry James Marshall painting. The mogul made his bid through another buyer via phone. Marshall’s dealer told the New York Times that Combs was introduced to the artist’s work by fellow…

Judge of Characters: Kanye West Doesn’t Care About Racism

This has been a very hard week to swallow, namely because of rapper and former black man Kanye West. Kim Kardashian’s doting husband has been known for his sporadic rants, but this time (like many times before) he took to Twitter to share whatever thoughts were running through his brain.

Watch: The Downfall of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby was found guilty Thursday of all three charges in the sole criminal trial brought against him concerning former athlete Andrea Constand. The jury’s decision came after dozens of allegations of sexual misconduct and years of public debate over Cosby’s conduct.

Watch: Trump’s Silence on the Waffle House Shooting Is Deafening; the 4 Victims Killed Were All People of Color

A white gunman is accused of killing four people of color at a Waffle House outside of Nashville, Tenn., early Sunday morning. The gunman was just apprehended by police Monday afternoon. It’s been more than 36 hours since the shooting, and Donald Trump hasn’t said anything about the incident. Instead, he’s tweeting…

Judge of Characters: Can White People Do Black Hair?

Perhaps the proper question is, can “transracial” mascot Rachel Dolezal do black hair? Well, she does, and has been doing so for a while; she acknowledged in her book, In Full Color, that she would do hair in college as a side hustle. That hustle has grown into a full-on kitchen-beautician business, and Dolezal is now…

Watch: A Chef Who Grew From the Concrete Jungle

A passion for food led Lionel Tate on a journey to find out what real manhood meant. Tate is the owner of Tasty Tate’s Kitchen, an Instagram-based restaurant that has given Tate a whole new lease on life.

Brittney Cooper Talks Beyoncé, White Feminists and Black Women’s Oh-So-Eloquent Rage

The anger of black girls is potent. And given what we deal with, it’s sometimes masked. Or internalized and regurgitated in harmful ways.

Watch: To Understand How Harmful Juvenile Incarceration Is, Listen to This Poem

In a spoken-word poem, Dwayne Betts details the emotional impacts of juvenile incarceration.

Watch: Black Panther’s Reign Just Won’t Let Up

Chadwick Boseman dominated Saturday Night Live this weekend in one of the highest-rated episodes this year, and the excitement surrounding Black Panther is as prominent as it was before the film’s debut. Nearly two months after Black Panther hit theaters, the film continues to shatter records and set new trends in…

Watch: What It’s Like to Be a Black Woman in Hollywood

Diversity and representation are the hot-button topics in Hollywood right now. In an industry that reflects the world in which we live, black people and women—so, basically black women—are often underrepresented in Hollywood. But people like Tyler Perry are changing that. Sure, he’s a polarizing figure based on his…

Judge of Characters: The Hatred of Black Women

The death of Stephon Clark does what many black men’s deaths at the hands of police do: rally the troops to protest why, for some strange reason, black lives seemingly don’t matter. There’s no way for us to think otherwise when Clark was shot down in less than seven seconds in his grandmother’s backyard.

Watch: King’s Mountaintop, 50 Years Later

When Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated on April 4, 1968, on the balcony of the Lorraine Motel, the news shocked the world.

Watch: Roxanne Shanté Explains How She Created Hip-Hop Diss Records

Lolita Shanté Gooden, aka Roxanne Shanté, is a hip-hip icon, a living legend, if you will. Netflix has released Roxanne Roxanne, a biopic that chronicles Shanté’s humble beginnings in Queens, N.Y., in the ’80s. Shanté was a solidified rap staple from the Queensbridge Houses. She could rap circles around anybody and…

Watch: Teens March 50 Miles in Honor of Martin Luther King Jr.

A group of teens began a 50-mile march in Mississippi on March 31 in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. and to mark the 50th anniversary of his assassination. The group, which includes adult mentors, will finish its march on April 4 at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, Tenn., where King was killed on April 4, 1968.

Watch: Patti LaBelle Is Everyone’s Favorite Mom

There’s something about Mrs. Wayne from A Different World.

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