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Lessons and the Alien Lessons and the Alien

Several episodes of Cowboy Bebop are homages to specific genres. One of my favourites of those episodes, and of the series in general, is the horror homage in the eleventh episode. But it isn’t simply a stand alone piece that uses the characters to tell an entertaining story referencing a certain kind of film…

Suggestions Worse than Bullets Suggestions Worse than Bullets

The new Sirenia Digest, which I read this morning, features a cool Sci-Fi noir by Caitlin R. Kiernan called “CHERRY STREET TANGO, SWEATBOX WALTZ.” Like a lot of Caitlin’s stories for the Digest lately, it features a protagonist being interviewed or interrogated by someone demanding they tell a story that’s evidently…

Smorgasbord of the Doctor Smorgasbord of the Doctor

There are a lot of reasons The Two Doctors is significant for Doctor Who canon, but the three parter doesn’t really get to the meat, so to speak, of the story until the third episode. This is where writer Robert Holmes really leaned into trying to convince the audience to go vegetarian while convincing the Doctor in…

The Changing Life of the Stopped Watch The Changing Life of the Stopped Watch

Jet Black is the polar opposite of Edward so it makes sense that the episode of Cowboy Bebop that follows Edward’s introduction focuses on Jet. Another unusual character for an anime series, Jet was probably most closely modelled on Jigen from Lupin III. He has a similar beard and both have a somewhat paternal role in…

Doctor of the Parliament Doctor of the Parliament

1963 continues to be a busy year for the Doctor in the 2013 Doctor Who audio play 1963: The Assassination Games. The Seventh Doctor proves a natural fit for this entertaining conspiracy espionage thriller.

The Armour Becomes the Prince The Armour Becomes the Prince

Seventeen years after he played the definitive merry rebel, Errol Flynn found himself in the opposite role in 1955's The Dark Avenger. A high adventure take on Edward the Black Prince, son of England’s Edward III, the film finds Flynn in charge of England’s occupation of Aquitaine. Lacking the energy and fun of…

Finally Edward Finally Edward

It’s not until the ninth episode of Cowboy Bebop we finally meet the last member of the Bebop crew featured in the opening theme. A much broader and more cartoonish character than the others, Edward also represents a personification of the chaotic reconfiguration of landscape, culture, and society that characterises…

The Car and Motorcycle Shuffle The Car and Motorcycle Shuffle

I wish I could speed through Paris on a motorcycle at a hundred miles an hour and not worry about hitting a kid or a dog or something. Walking around at a shopping centre after seeing 2018's Mission: Impossible—Fallout, I felt irrationally frustrated by all the obstacles preventing me from moving faster. People…

Comic Con Report, volume 6: Conclusion Comic Con Report, volume 6: Conclusion

There’s always more going on at Comic Con than any one person can cover. In addition to the many panels and signings, there are also booths selling collectables and booths for artists selling their work. There are metal workers and as always lots of steam punk leather workers, and of course there are comic book…

Recognising Beasts Recognising Beasts

“Tooth and Claw”, an episode from the Tenth Doctor’s first season on Doctor Who, feels like a Twelfth Doctor episode in a lot of ways. It’s set in Scotland, it’s a horror pastiche, and it features two instances where the Doctor’s companion has to quietly inform him he’s being rude. But there are several ways in which…

Comic Con Report, volume 5: Magical
Boarding School Edition Comic Con Report, volume 5: Magical Boarding School Edition

On Saturday at Comic Con I spent most of the day in the Indigo Ballroom. I was there to see panels for Cosmos, The Orville, and Twin Peaks which meant altogether around six hours of other panels I needed to sit through. I packed my dinner instead of lunch that day—I made some cucumber sushi rolls and a hard boiled egg…

Comic Con Report, volume 4: The Wrong
Audience Edition Comic Con Report, volume 4: The Wrong Audience Edition

I didn’t notice the gender swapped Alex DeLarge when I took this photo by the expensive pizza cafe at Comic Con but I applaud her now, wherever she is.

Comic Con Report, volume 3: Cosmic
Edition Comic Con Report, volume 3: Cosmic Edition

In Sci-Fi/Fantasy fandom, you can often judge a show’s popularity by how many people dress as its characters at Comic-Con. It was no surprise to me that I saw a lot more Orville cosplay than Star Trek: Discovery cosplay. In fact, I didn’t see any Discovery cosplay whatsoever. That doesn’t mean there weren’t any though…

Comic Con Report, volume 2: Exhibit
Hall Edition Comic Con Report, volume 2: Exhibit Hall Edition

Here’s a genuine Golden Ticket from Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. This was at a booth at Comic Con auctioning off authentic Hollywood props.

Comic Con Report: volume 1 Comic Con Report: volume 1

I took the trolley to Comic Con every day this year. The station at the Convention Centre had special Stranger Things themed signage.

Buildings of Comic Con Buildings of Comic Con

Here’s the San Diego Convention Centre this morning photographed from where I was at Seaport Village. It’s nestled between two massive hotels—all three buildings host Comic Con programmes every year, as do the library and a few other hotels.

The Guardians of the Comic Con The Guardians of the Comic Con

Oh, what happy Nazgul. How often can you say that? That photo’s from yesterday at the Weta booth at Comic Con. I was at Comic Con all day yesterday and didn’t hear the news about James Gunn getting fired by Disney until I got home. He’s been fired after a pro-Trump web site drudged up ten year old tweets in which Gunn…

Bees of Comic Con Bees of Comic Con

I got up really early to get into Hall H this morning but I needn’t have bothered. Hall H never filled up. I had almost a whole row of seats to myself during the Doctor Who panel. There’s a moment in the panel where the panelists asked all the cosplayers to raise their hands and I think four hands went up in the…

The Face of the Comic Con The Face of the Comic Con

Dig my new exclusive Comic Con lapel pin! Yeah, that’s right, it’s . . . a guy. I guess it’s Superman from the cowlick. It comes with the ever useful Comic Con bag which is also covered with Warner Brothers/DC advertising. I love those bags, don’t get me wrong, I’ve accumulated a good pile of them and they’re real…

Blindness and Water Blindness and Water

The eighth episode of Cowboy Bebop focuses on Spike Spiegel’s martial arts style. In so doing it offers a broader comment on how he survives and fits into a world based on seemingly constant, seemingly chaotic change: Spike becomes like water.

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