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Little Depth for Dark Waters Little Depth for Dark Waters

Of the many gothic melodramas from the mid-20th century that portray a woman being made to think she’s crazy by people trying to cover up a crime, 1944's Dark Waters is not one of the best. But it’s not bad and if you have a particular love for the gaslighting genre you’ll find it a decent indulgence.

For the Love of a Beetle For the Love of a Beetle

Lately I’ve been reading Richard Marsh’s 1897 novel The Beetle and, rather appropriately, I caught these two Junebugs this morning having sex. I heard a loud buzzing after I’d stepped outside and saw these two outside my sister and brother-in-law’s apartment, which is down the hall from mine.

Gloomy and Morose and Dreary, the Black and Dark and Sable Armour and Protective Metal Covering was Sinister and the Women Swooned

So you have a “howling tempest”. But is it dismal? Yes, says the first line of The Animated Skeleton, a 1798 novel by an anonymous author. In fact, “Dismally was the tempest howling round the cottage of Jacquemar.” What the story lacks in character development or restraint, it makes up for in sheer abundance of…

Death Walks Across the Desert Death Walks Across the Desert

A man drags a coffin through a muddy grey town. This is a Spaghetti Western, not a Hammer horror film, but it’s the introduction of Gothic horror imagery and atmosphere into a Western that explains much of the appeal of 1966’s Django. The second half of the film is in some ways less interesting, becoming more of an…