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New Fog Lights New Fog Lights

Bringing my car in this week for inspection. Guy warned me that he won’t pass it again with cracked fog lights, so a year later and I finally got around to changing them.

eff this thing in particular eff this thing in particular

Fitting is seized to the line so it will not swivel. What should have been a simple rotor and pad swap has turned into a multi-day headache.

I came close to selling it.... happy I didn't I came close to selling it.... happy I didn't

So when I bought the M37 truck my wife was a bit unhinged about me having four cars. She said oh you can have three, so I was thinking about it for a bit and then in my desire to maybe save some money and please her I put a Craigslist ad up to test the waters. Wow I got five people that day, a mechanic responded and…

hour rule hour rule

W123 AMG

240D Unmuffled 240D Unmuffled

The roar of 62ish horsepower.

It Finally Happened It Finally Happened

I’ve come across an obsolete part for my 240D.


Be careful of how hard you close your doors in near 0° weather.

240D getting festive 240D getting festive

Trying out different things with the camera.

Sounds of Things I Own: 240D Sounds of Things I Own: 240D

In this second installment of Sounds of Things I own we listen to all the various noises made by the Mercedes-Benz 240D. Enjoy.


Spent all day working on it, did oil, battery, coolant, adjusted a bunch of minor shit, and now it runs and drives. Next step is to get the title sorted out - have to deal with a bonded title, but apparently that is pretty easy in Texas. Once I have that I’ll put some serious work into it, it badly needs brakes and a…

Funny Story & Crazy Thoughts Funny Story & Crazy Thoughts

I was walking my dog near the ferry terminal today, he likes to look at the pond they have with turtles and koi, he’s scared of the koi. I was wearing my Kimi Ferrari shirt, actually older shirt from when he was champion with them, it’s an all blue Finnish flag shirt and only a small Ferrari emblem, I can’t wear all…

Current State of 240D Current State of 240D

Got the car back a few weeks ago from bodywork guy. My attempts at repairing the floor a few years ago did indeed not hold up.

Not the best getaway car Not the best getaway car

W123 in the USA...

Why Why

does this have to 9 hours away from me? 

Driving About Driving About

Took the 240D out for a good ride the other day. Stopped and took some pictures along the way.

The Battery in the 240D Let Me Down for the First Time The Battery in the 240D Let Me Down for the First Time

Went to get coffee and when I got back in the car there was no power. Hmmmmm.

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