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Secret Senna pt2 arrived! Secret Senna pt2 arrived!

Wow, I’m speechless, thanks Secret Senna! Even though it was hard for you to build, and you are not completely satisfied (as documented in a booklet), I totally love it!

Thanks Secret Senna Thanks Secret Senna

Thanks Secret Senna! It seems you are a very skilled designer!

Late Senna Late Senna

I got notification that my Secret Senna gift arrived to my mother’s home some weeks back, but this was my first time home since the holidays. I have to say Flavien Vidal did an amazing job!

Is anyone here still working on their Secret Senna gift? Is anyone here still working on their Secret Senna gift?

It’s fucking February and I’m still on it. I feel awful.

My Secret Senna has arrived! My Secret Senna has arrived!

Actually, it arrived last week, but I never got around to taking pictures until now! G_Body_Man was my Secret Senna-er and he did well! I received an epic multi-piece Lancia Delta Integrale WRC poster (the first pic shows how it assembles):

Secret Senna has arrived! Secret Senna has arrived!

Hmmmm, that’s kinda big. I wonder what it could be?

Secret Senna (2/3) Secret Senna (2/3)

Now what vehicle does this key ring get matched to? The ‘vette already has a Ferrari F40 key ring so that’s out. So does it go on my slow truck or my less slow truck? Lol.

Secret Senna Strikes again! Secret Senna Strikes again!

Whoever was my S.S., thanks!

Yay! Secret Senna arrived today Yay! Secret Senna arrived today

This is awesome. I’m going to have to find some frames for these. Apparently this is one of 3 too! You’re awesome whoever you are.

Senna was here!!! Senna was here!!!

Check it out! I requested an offroad themed present and my Senna delivered!

Secret Senna  Secret Senna 

Sorry for the late mailing. You should see it in 3-5 days because across the country.

Thank You!!! Thank You!!!

My Secret Senna is awesome. Thanks so much!

Secret Senna Update!

Hello Secret Senna target who doesn’t know you are my Secret Senna target! Just wanted to give you an update! The last thing I needed to get to send my gift out arrived Wednesday. We were in the midst of that nasty rain/snow/windstorm all Thursday and a LOT of places are without power today and therefore…

Secret Senna gift arrived! Secret Senna gift arrived!

And Steve in Manhattan hit it out of the park. A 1981 Mercury Capri brochure was the highlight of the package, with an awesome Mercury Cyclone shirt, a shaving set and a hot wheels to finish it off!

Secret Senna 3 of 3 Secret Senna 3 of 3

Left work early yesterday because I felt like I was dying from whatever sickness my offspring had this past weekend. I managed to hobble my sick self over to the mailbox before going inside and passing out.

Secret Senna!

Just wanted to post an apology to mine - you don’t know who you are, but I haven’t sent yours out yet as I am still waiting on something! I know MasterMario wanted them sent out by Jan. 1 - I felt guilty, so this post was in order. :)

Secret Senna stuffs Secret Senna stuffs

Got it a day or so ago for Montegoman. Supposedly there’s a third that I was going to wait for to post this, but I’m bored right now.

Secret Senna arrived, before Christmas  Secret Senna arrived, before Christmas 

I also utilized my gift at a Christmas Eve family gathering but no one knew because it was under a fleece shirt, and it was cold.

hey look, my internet name on a real world thing! #SecretSenna hey look, my internet name on a real world thing! #SecretSenna

arriving back from christmas in the mountains I was delighted to find a package, a big package, a tall package, a package that had that dumb internet name I use printed on a real address thinger

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