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The Electric Prunes - Kol Nidre The Electric Prunes - Kol Nidre

I’m not Jewish, but if you think I’m going to miss an opportunity to post psychedelic stuff...

Keep Oppo 808 State Keep Oppo 808 State

Just completely out the blue I thought about these guys

Willie Nelson and Norah Jones Willie Nelson and Norah Jones

What Is This Thing Called Love

Musiclopnik, with MGB content Musiclopnik, with MGB content

Local boys making some trippy goodness. I think I’m buying tickets to their show on sunday, they’re a hell of a live act.

K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX) 3 K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX) 3

For Round 3 of this game, I’m picking something pseudo-techo, so why not lead with a technological car. The rule this go around is to pick a song of similar sound and/or genre.

Lambchop - This Corrosion Lambchop - This Corrosion

Sisters of Mercy cover.

Musiclopnik Musiclopnik

I’ve been spending the whole weekend so far working on the Raider, so here’s some new music from one of favourite bands to tide you over until a nice big Raider update

Toxic Hearts (feat. D!avolo) - Memories Toxic Hearts (feat. D!avolo) - Memories

After testing out Shazam Lite on the following World Time Attack Challenge promo, this song was the result. Me likey these tunes. Shazam works.

Clannad - Harry's Game Clannad - Harry's Game

Some of you may remember this from a scene in Patriot Games.

K-Roll's Driving (REDUX) 3: British Edition K-Roll's Driving (REDUX) 3: British Edition

A British car for a British Edition for my Driving Playlist! This time the only rule is the songs and artists must come from England-land.

Getz/Gilberto - The Girl from Ipanema Getz/Gilberto - The Girl from Ipanema

See below for the Getz/(Joao&Astrud )Gilberto version in Portuguese & English.

K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX) 2 K-Roll's Driving Playlist (REDUX) 2

Round 2 of my Driving Playlist! Remember the rules: I share two songs, you all share two songs close or similar in genre and/or artist!!

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