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night oppo night oppo

i just like this one ^^

Top 10 most Instagrammed manufacturers Top 10 most Instagrammed manufacturers

You wouldn’t believe who made the list... Click here to find out

the want is strong the want is strong

who wants a Vespa

stolen then torched motorcycle

these clowns need to be burn’t at the stake

Finally Have Some Autocross Video to Share With Y'all

When you have to start the video at 5 seconds into the lap because Instagram maxes out at 60 seconds...

Oppos on Instagram

How do you embed an Instagram post in Kinja? I’ve tried the HTML view and searched how to embed it, but I’m not finding any success.

shitpost (political) shitpost (political)

taken from Instagram/Pintrest

The Internet The Internet

Is a weird place. I posted an old photo of my Healey on instagram and it has gotten more like or hearts or whateven than a lot of my stuff.... I just find that strange.

I saw a 964 RS America Today I saw a 964 RS America Today

And I didn’t even realize it until an Instagram follower pointed it out. Saw it while driving on my way back to the office from lunch, what a sight to see.

Instagram Accounts Instagram Accounts

Some cool smaller car Instagram accounts. You’re welcome.

Oppo on Instagram?

A recent spot in my condo complex parking lot: a Nissan Pao, with a Figaro under a cover two spots down. Need to track down that neighbor. Also need to start oppo-tagging my spotting pics.

Question about Instagram  Question about Instagram 

Random foreigners will follow me and I don’t even know them. Why would they choose me to follow when I only have 22 followers? I’m kind of paranoid about this as this is the third instance some random (a little bit shady) foreigner has followed me. I know I can always block them, but ugh. At least it doesn’t show that…

Giveaway: #liveandletdrift 

Tyo Toys is doing some scientific research. The research subject: the Hot Wheels 2015 P case. As leading experts in diecasting, we LaLDers have been called upon to lend our expertise.


@live_and_let_diecast for a chance to win a custom LaLDatsun prize!

My Week With Godzilla Starts Now My Week With Godzilla Starts Now

Yep, that is my garage and that is a 2015 Nissan GT-R Premium parked in it. I have the keys, it has a full tank of gas and I can do whatever I want with it for the next 7 days.

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