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Post nightshift eating.  Post nightshift eating. 

Chilli salmon with steamed tender-stem broccoli and steamed rice with some fine chopped broccoli added to give the rice a little more visual impact.

Hour rule, breakfast-OPPO, whatever....  Hour rule, breakfast-OPPO, whatever.... 

Two ribeye steaks, mini hash browns and peppercorn sauce.

Desert Desert

Vanilla slice aka snot block 

Breakfast time.  Breakfast time. 

Vine tomatoes, streaky bacon and scrambled egg with a warm croissant and strawberry jam. Whole milk and breakfast juice.

Just a Reminder Just a Reminder

It’s peach season! Picked these today.  Om nom nom nom.

This, brethren, is why you should buy oats This, brethren, is why you should buy oats

I went home from school hungry as fuck and looked for some food. Nothing. That’s fine. Looked in the cupboard. Checked the oatmeal tins.

Breakfast totchos, yayyyyyyyyy.  Breakfast totchos, yayyyyyyyyy. 

Gas, on, pans on, now to make a small mess.

Hunger pangs taken care of  Hunger pangs taken care of 

Minted lamb, pigs in blankets, carrot and swede mash, honey roasted parsnips, mashed potato, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings and minted gravy with juices from the roasted lamb.

Cookies would be nice to have and eat right now Cookies would be nice to have and eat right now

Or frankly any crunchy chocolatey bread or pastry or somesuch. Or maybe I’m just bored. Maybe I just need to watch some racing.

German-ish style breakfast German-ish style breakfast

Selection of cold meats.

Those ruddy cows.  Those ruddy cows. 

That story on the cows chasing a person through a field after the stolen car they were in crashed into a ditch, well the cows made me hungry so I had to break out the griddle pan and cook a ribeye.

Breakfast burgers.  Breakfast burgers. 

Cheese burgers on brioche buns, one with peppercorn sauce, one with peppercorn sauce, fried onions and chestnut mushrooms, washed down with a can of Sapporo.

What's for Dinner, Oppo? What's for Dinner, Oppo?

Something I haven’t made in a long time... Penne alla Vodka.

i heard about this avocado on toast thing i heard about this avocado on toast thing

I thought it was kind of weird. Just... avocado, and toast?

Making my own egg nog this year Making my own egg nog this year

Trying out Alton Brown’s aged egg nog recipe. Will be checking back in this December with the results...

Breakfast-lopnik Breakfast-lopnik

Not quite crispy streaky bacon, pecorino cheese omelette and griddled kone/pitta and breakfast juice and full cream Jersey milk.

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