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Ferrari 355 F1 for 4 Years - Ownership Cost Ferrari 355 F1 for 4 Years - Ownership Cost

I’ve finally sat down and added up all of the costs of the F355 that I incurred over my ownership period which lasted 3 years and 10 months, and drove for a total of about 10,000 miles.

Final Goodriddance Final Goodriddance

Today some neighbourhood realtors sponsored a dumpster day, so I got rid of an old garden hose (because it leaks in 5 places, and also because I no longer have a garden) and this classic gem for those of you familiar with my F355 stories:

Everyday Driver, 8 Months Later Everyday Driver, 8 Months Later

Took them long enough, but it was thoroughly entertaining to watch people critique my car. Some very cool aerial drone shots.

Ready for the Next Guardian Ready for the Next Guardian

Mistress had her final detailing session today.

I’ve Sold a Thing I’ve Sold a Thing

It’s in the shop with a bad power steering pump, but it is now officially spoken for.

Not That Fast, Not That Furious Not That Fast, Not That Furious

Nice car. What’s the retail on one of those?

Fuel Consumption Report Fuel Consumption Report

First of all, PSA: Display names can now be changed and saved. Somebody fixed it.

DOTS - Type R edition DOTS - Type R edition

DC2 Integra Type R, stock-looking, in need of a wash. I did set off its alarm by parking there, and that definitely sounds aftermarket.

90s Green 90s Green

Gaming consoles had 16-bit processors, and Ferrari interiors were not much more than acres of cowhide and crappy Fiat switchgear.

Easter Pics Easter Pics

Hope all are having a relaxing and fulfilling Easter Sunday!

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

Forgot to post one of the better photos from yesterday. Meow got a profile shot, so Neigh should get one too.

F355 - Spring Photos F355 - Spring Photos

After weeks of unreliable weather (also a dangerous phenomenon in California known as precipitating dihydrogen monoxide), the sun has finally shown itself today.

So everybody is posting Offset Crash Test pics of their cars... So everybody is posting Offset Crash Test pics of their cars...

Not surprisingly, no such test done on the F355. Surprisingly, I did find a pic of a real-life crash that ended similarly.

F355 Fuel Cap F355 Fuel Cap

Happy new year! I think this is my first post of 2018, but I realised while getting gas that I don’t have a photo of the fuel filler cap.

New Record!! New Record!!

Haven’t gone this far on one tank before! I only fill around 12 gal so that’s a whopping.........

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

One of my favourite photos that I have taken of this car. June 2017.

Ethnic Meet & Ethnic Brunch Ethnic Meet & Ethnic Brunch

A while back, the Cantonese-speaking members of my local car club started a group chat to shoot the bull in our ancestral tongue.

I Like This Place!! I Like This Place!!

A tree cutout every other parking stall. Front AND rear trees, adding extra width!! Practically every space is an end space.

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