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No M37 yet, CRV had to do it's duty. No M37 yet, CRV had to do it's duty.

We were also observed by many aliens, clickbait.... Many critters in Drake’s Estero, Pt. Reyes. It’s about 19 miles from our place out to the kayak launch where an oyster farm used to be. It’s been totally returned to nature now. Seal pup season ended and this area opened up in July but I couldn’t get out there. There…

Hondoyota Bait Hondoyota Bait

Car 7.5 I’ve driven: I finally drove my mom’s CR-V. The pedals are kind of firm at first, but the wider build makes it feel super stable. It’s as nice to drive as it is to be a passenger in.

My back door ain't opening (help?)/ DOTS My back door ain't opening (help?)/ DOTS

The rear driver’s side door won’t open from the inside, and will only open from the outside if you tie it to a Twingo going godspeed. I held the handle open and the latch looks fine, so it’s something deeper in. Gonna rip off the door panels to see what the heck is up, either that or do you guys have any helpful…

15x7" Compomotive TH2 15x7" Compomotive TH2

I DD mine so if I could get these wheels by the next time I change tires, I would do it I think. Probably has a little lift in there too. 15x7" Compomotive TH2.

CR-V love? CR-V love?

I think I’m not well because I now love our new to us base spec 2008 cr-v. It’s just so basic and boring and somehow that makes it fun. Honestly I feel like a kid in it because it has zero opinions and that’s exactly how my 1st couple cars were. I’m sure it’ll wear off but for now so glad we bought it.

I bought yet another appliance.  I bought yet another appliance. 

Needed a 3rd car because ram Promasters do not baby.. Picked this up super duper cheap. It’s a 1 owner 2008 CR-V with 109k miles all service history accounted for. Picked it up and drove it 675 miles home averaging 24.3 mpg. The steel wheels are showing some rust may just try to find a set of the alloy wheels and swap…

TL;DR Uncut: Honda CR-V TL;DR Uncut: Honda CR-V

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TL;DR Reviews: Honda CR-V - "Your Mom Likes It" TL;DR Reviews: Honda CR-V - "Your Mom Likes It"

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2001 CR-V EX: Good, Bad, or Meh 2001 CR-V EX: Good, Bad, or Meh

Greetings fellow Jalops! I need advice as I am looking to get rid of my 1994 Ford Taurus. I recently found a 2001 CR-V EX 4wd (not pictured) for $3000. It has a clean title, auto transmission, and with 212,000 miles on it. I'm looking for a car that will last 5 or so years. Is this a decent car for the price? Are…

crv chronicles--new headunit crv chronicles--new headunit

Here’s a GT-R for your time:

I got my first family car I got my first family car

I haven’t sacrificed the W123 or 240Z so its all ok. I like this thing, it drives well and has full time AWD with stability something or other. It was an old ladies, a 2006, clean like dealership new, has 90k miles and drives like new. I got it for just under $10K, dealer consignment purchase so they do the DMV…

That ended...surprisingly well. New respect for the CR-V

I was driving my mother-in-law's Honda CR-V yesterday and had to stop very suddenly (like full-on, let the ABS do its thing, stomp the pedal and hold on tight panic stop). The vehicle behind me didn't have such lightning reflexes ... and I got rear-ended. First thought: "Oh. Well, that sucks. Better get out of…

LOL "4 Wheel drive" LOL "4 Wheel drive"

Its extra funny because the CRV just won "SUV" of the year too. Good job with that.