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Class Win Today at Endurocross! Class Win Today at Endurocross!

JayhawkJake let me borrow his GoPro at today’s Endurocross event. So, if you want to see some precision driving and fantastic V8 noises...

Drag Racing with Corners? Drag Racing with Corners?

Lesson of the day yesterday was that I should not push the car past the limits of the tires - I can go fast all I want, but I still have to turn, unlike the folks on the other side of the grandstand participating in the drag racing experience.

Post Your Autocross Weekend Routine Post Your Autocross Weekend Routine

I’m competing this Sunday. My MR2 has a new issue that makes lateral-G shenanigans wholly un-advisable, so I’m taking a 2015 Honda Fit (CVT) (LOL) instead.

At least I'm consistent At least I'm consistent

I’m never the fastest on course, but my runs are always within a second of each other. I just have to figure out how to get over that hump and I’ll be good.

1987 Corolla FX16 GTS AutoX/Track Build - Part 5 1987 Corolla FX16 GTS AutoX/Track Build - Part 5

The last updated ended with my taking the car on its first big voyage outside the neighborhood so I could bring it to work and align it before it’s inaugural autocross.

First AutoX ever at PITL, what a blast! First AutoX ever at PITL, what a blast!

Had tons of fun at yesterday’s event, put on by PITL (Push It To The Limit Autocross series), with lots of 86's out there (and even an AE86). Blew a gate on my first and last run, but did not hit any cones the whole day!

DOTS autocross edition DOTS autocross edition

I ran in my local club event today, I continue to be good but not great. I think I need to race more regularly than once a month to really figure it out, but that isn’t feasible. Saw some cool cars, though. Took pictures of a few.

Best runs from Autox yesterday  Best runs from Autox yesterday 

Good enough for a best of 46.155 and 2nd in my class. First attempt using race render to overlay the gauges.

Interesting autocross yesterday Interesting autocross yesterday

While I was chasing cones during my work shift, I got to watch a 2005 Aston Martin get thrown around the course. It was quite quick, but with a surprising amount of body roll while doing it. Still got beat in A Street by two Corvettes. In other shocking news . . .

Impulse buy  Impulse buy 

Added this to my autocross essentials today (with rush shipping so that I may try it tomorrow at a competition). I’ve been using a stick-type pressure gauge, hoping this will be easier and more accurate.

Seat Time: Where to get it?  Seat Time: Where to get it? 

Bill Caswell’s post about driver searches seems all too timely. I’m heading to autocross tomorrow but I still don’t know how I’d make the jump from weekends dodging cones, all the way to gaining sponsors and driving professionally. I’m motivated yet not sure which way to go.

Is the GEN II Viper a good handling car? Is the GEN II Viper a good handling car?

Finally got the car out to an event to do a shakedown before I start bringing it to track events. Wanted to make sure overheating was not going to be an issue and it was the perfect day for a torture test. Ambient temps were 110* in the high desert and with not turning the car off between 5-6 runs each time and…

My reaction at the end says it all My reaction at the end says it all

FASTEST STREET TIRE TIME OF THE DAY! Out of 40 cars or so, but still: I beat a Viper on a fast course in a 4 cylinder Mustang

You bast . . . ! You bast . . . !

A very tight corner setup got the Camaro drivers complaining, and as shown in photo, the cone was expected to die (repeatedly), but . . .

More KC Autocross (Event 4), now with top 10 PAX! More KC Autocross (Event 4), now with top 10 PAX!

Well, it was 10th place exactly and I could have taken a few of the corners a little better, but considering that there were 154 participants, 20th was my best to date at this venue, and I managed to catch up to the pair of E36 M3 drivers in my class that I mentioned previously (0.125 slower than one, 0.02 faster than…

 New tires/fun awaits  New tires/fun awaits

My regular custom at my repair shop paid off and they managed to find me a set of hard to find RE-71Rs. Plus, the four fit side by side in my trunk with the seat down (hadn’t tried that yet).

Autocross Today

Please do enjoy!

 Novice autocross school complete  Novice autocross school complete

It has been a long, tiring and very good day. Did the Central Carolinas Region autocross novice school at the Michelin proving grounds today. After a shower and some Mexican food I’m feeling better, and sipping on the beer I brought while relaxing at the motel is pretty sweet.

KC Region SCCA Autocross Events 2 and 3 KC Region SCCA Autocross Events 2 and 3

A bit late on these, but here we go:

Picking a number style Picking a number style

Update on previous post: I appreciate the input from Oppo on my number font for autox use. I had been thinking that I liked F the best because it looked old-fashioned but clean, while my wife had said A or G. We both ruled out H and L because they look too much like “S.”

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