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I think this is a very cool car I think this is a very cool car

Matt Farah’s 1987 Safari 911.

Goodnight Oppo Goodnight Oppo

I can fall asleep to this soundtrack... it’s like a lullaby for your soul.

CL Find CL Find

This V8 swapped 911

Race cars I forgot to post.  Race cars I forgot to post. 

On a side note, I’m starting to warm up to the looks of the 996 and 986 Cayman, I don’t think the headlights are nearly as bad as people make them out to be.


Rego says DRM911

Exotics @ RTC Highlights & Lowlights Exotics @ RTC Highlights & Lowlights

Here are some neat cars from the first show of the season. I only really bothered to take pictures of particularly interesting, dumb, or weird things, so there are no Ferraris or Lamborghinis or 911 GT3s here, but take my word for it: there were many of them to be seen. Same goes for all the Nissan GT-Rs. I wish I had…

Oh yeah, 911 Things  Oh yeah, 911 Things 

The 911’s calipers have been rebuilt and I repainted them tonight. I wanted subtle black but dad requested red and I’m glad I went with red.

911 Speedster anyone? 911 Speedster anyone?


Last of the Analog Porsches Last of the Analog Porsches

Interesting video on their choices for ‘analog’, but overall I like the trio. Interesting that they chose that particular 986 Boxster, as it has e-gas (electronic throttle, standard on 2003/2004) as well as stability management/PASM (optional). But overall the 986 is still a good choice, though I’m biased as I own a…

DOTS: Agent Provocateur Edition DOTS: Agent Provocateur Edition

Well, this is brave.

Aircooled ROADTRIP!

We head out to drive and camp Highway 666 (191) to commune with the devil, as one does.

The Weight of Pages The Weight of Pages

As I write this, I’m eagerly anticipating the moment I can get my hands on Brandon Sanderson’s new work, Oathbringer. It’s the third book in The Stormlight Archive, his epic fantasy series taking place on the Cosmere (the collective universe where many of his works take place) world of Roshar. Looking to my left, I…

Car Camping Highway 666 in a 911. Car Camping Highway 666 in a 911.

It was about time we went car camping in the 911 again. It’d been 2 years since our 3500 honeymoon roadtrip.

Caffeine & Gasoline: Summer 2017 Caffeine & Gasoline: Summer 2017

It’s not the cold weather that truly frightens car enthusiasts, or the snow. Snow tires and some donuts in a parking lot, just practicing slide recovery, officer. We’re good to go after that.

9/11! 9/11!

This of course (although the first few were 901s until Peugeot had a hissy fit). Note how thin the pillars are and how much glass there is.

Car Camping: 911 Car Camping: 911

It was a good weekend. 800 miles, 2 nights camping, Highway 666. So many turns... More later. Must sleep.

The New 911 T Doesn't Give You A Smile The New 911 T Doesn't Give You A Smile

Porsche’s very own teaser. Driver looks like he want’s to eat a baby after driving the T to the top of a hill.

Thing I Now Badly Want Thing I Now Badly Want

A Cassis Red 911, looks nice on the 928 too imo

It's My Birthday! It's My Birthday!

Post anything.

Positive Vibes and Thoughts Today Positive Vibes and Thoughts Today

I don’t remember much of what happened 16 years ago. I was in first grade then, and my mum had just walked me to the bus stop when the first plane hit.

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