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How does Adam Strange stand up on Krypton? How does Adam Strange stand up on Krypton?

Watching episode three of DC prequel show Krypton on E4 where Adam Strange and Seg are discussing one of Braniac’s probes with Grandpa El Hologram. A niggling thought scratches at the back of my mind.

PSA: Check your Google Play movie app (on your Nexus 5) to see if you got a free digital copy of Gravity

According to this article on Android Authority, it seems like Google is giving out digital copies of Gravity on the Google Play app for some lucky users. Not sure how this is being decided, but after reading about it, I checked the app on my phone and there it was, free to add to my library, which I immediately did. …

Pocahontas should have died. Pocahontas should have died.

8 minutes or so into Pocahontas (because the first seven minutes are exclusively about how awesome John Smith is), the title character takes a dramatic dive off a cliff.

Eating the Oscars, 2014 Edition Eating the Oscars, 2014 Edition

This Sunday, all the people in the entire world will throw little parties where everybody watches the Oscars together. It's literally the only thing that anybody will be doing. So if watching the Academy Awards is the baseline, how can you possibly feel like your party is better than anybody else's? Perhaps by…

Gravity in 60 Seconds Gravity in 60 Seconds

Leigh Lahav's cartoons are always amazing! Here is her silly look at Gravity, spoilers included of course. Not sure George Clooney looks like George Clooney though... The video is her entry for the Jameson Empire Done in 60 Seconds 2014. I am not sure if that is something you can…

Gravity Took My Breath Away!!! (A Review) Gravity Took My Breath Away!!! (A Review)

Sorry for the cheesy title, but I finally got around to watching the most talked about movie of the year: Gravity, IN 3D!!! And my god, it is the cinematic experience of the year.

The newly arrived Progress resupply craft brought updated emergency procedure manuals to the International Space Station. Insert your own Gravity joke.

Feeling Gravitys Pull Feeling Gravitys Pull

Just got back from viewing Gravity. What an intense movie. It might mean that we can have nice things.

It's still Sunday morning where I am but the L.A. Times says Gravity topped the box office again this weekend with at least $44 million. How long before the knockoff "stranded in space" movies hit theaters, Syfy and direct-to-DVD?

Gravity : random thoughts, only one cat picture Gravity : random thoughts, only one cat picture

That's the only cat picture. Honest. There are no more after that. There are, however, lots of words about a film which only released recently, so if you haven't seen it, bookmark this for later.

Overthinking - Gravity Edition Overthinking - Gravity Edition

Once again I’m overthinking a movie. This time it’s Gravity, a movie that appealed to the little boy in me who read young adult science fiction and still wants to be an astronaut. There will be major spoilers ahead. And now… let’s light this candle!

What Lesson Will Hollywood Learn? What Lesson Will Hollywood Learn?

So Gravity seems to be a commercial and critical success. Will we get more smart SciFi?

My $0.02 on Gravity My $0.02 on Gravity

First off, it looks like maybe we can have nice things - Sandra Bullock-George Clooney’s ‘Gravity’ Soars to Record $55M Box-Office Blast-Off. Now to my thoughts. Spoilers ahead.

Gravity: Or Why Dr. McCoy is 100% Correct Gravity: Or Why Dr. McCoy is 100% Correct

Space is disease and danger, wrapped in darkness and silence.

Darn it! Darn it!

I won't be able to see Gravity until Sunday at least. I'm heading out of town today to visit a jobsite and won't be back until Saturday night. I'll be with the bosses the whole time so I can't sneak away to see it. This is one of the few movies I've been looking forward to seeing in a theater.

Zeb Scoville, a NASA guy who helps preparing astronauts for EVAs

Goes through the extended trailer for Gravity and rates it's accuracy and realism in this fascinating ArsTechnica article.

Great. Just great. Great. Just great.

So I'm currently writing a story where the three main characters trapped on an abandoned alien planet have to visit their last orbiting space station. The Main villain blows it up with them on it because of reasons.