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World Football Championship in Russia World Football Championship in Russia

During the 15 days of the Championship, 10 persons of Ukrainian military have been killed and 37 were wounded.

Russian Cyberpunk MV  Russian Cyberpunk MV 

I bring to your attention yet another music video by the Russian band Leningrad (here is my previous post on the topic, which was left ignored by the esteemed community). this is their cooperation project with Glu’Koza, the Russian animated music project similar to the Gorillaz (here is my post on her).

Superhousewife Superhousewife

this lovely music video from the legendary Russian band Leningrad combines an action and sci-fi story in the video and a very kitchy and profane lyrics of women discussing men in Russia. the last words in the video are:

Postmodernist Siberian Throat Singing Postmodernist Siberian Throat Singing

by a band Bugotak. I’ve been meaning to post these for quite some time but failed to remember the name. these recordings are about 7 years old, and my memory isn’t what it used to be. anyhow, enjoy these lovely covers!

Ukrainian Cyborgs against Apple over Russian 'cyborg' Ukrainian Cyborgs against Apple over Russian 'cyborg'

Apple filmed a Russian parathlete calling himself a Russian cyborg.

Urban fantasies of Kysaka Urban fantasies of Kysaka

or, more tellingly, Biter, Irkutsk-based artist Liana Anatolyevich, are captivating and hint at dangers both tangible and intangible. She seems to reference a lot of folklore and modern pop culture (check out her Hellboy).

Indians of Russia Indians of Russia

Did you know that Russia has its own, honest-to-Gods, Indians? (I know the correct terms for the Indigenous peoples but the similarity is much more obvious this way) and of all places, in Siberia? (as a matter of fact, the two men in the very beginning of the new The Tick series are Siberian reindeer herders)

Ukraine as Russia's cyberterrorist playground Ukraine as Russia's cyberterrorist playground

For Russia, it was not enough that they plagued us with their vision of us as a non-existent / failed nation, grabbed a part of our land the size of 1.5 Belgiums —

Russian chastushki in English, or Swimming in Tomato Sauce (NSFW - text-wise)

Chastushki are like Russian limericks — short, funny and often obscene. They are also popular for their absurdist humor and clear rhythm with obvious rhyming. I would say this is the part of the Russian culture that makes me least nauseous.

Star Wars Water Star Wars Water

One of the best Ukrainian waters (we here have a wide selection of bottled mineral waters), Morshynska, issued a limited series of smaller bottles looking like characters of Star Wars:

If Hollywood iconic movies / series were shot in Soviet Union If Hollywood iconic movies / series were shot in Soviet Union

they would look bleak and strangely endearing:

Puti bon ange Puti bon ange

As if the world were not absurd enough, the Russians contribute daily.

Gulya Alekseyeva's dolls  Gulya Alekseyeva's dolls 

Gulia Alekseyeva is a theatre artist and prop maker based in St.Petersburg, Russia. She makes these dolls from scratch using a variety of techniques. They are very elaborate and very sophisticated, both material and genre-wise.

Russia breeds internet trolls

to promote its agenda world-wide as a part of its hybrid war on everybody.

Russia likes its Ukrainian roots Russia likes its Ukrainian roots

just never acknowledges they are Ukrainian.

First-Person Sci-Fi Shooter Music Video First-Person Sci-Fi Shooter Music Video

This was made by several Russian fans of the genre for some obscure rock band with propensity to swear words — and it looks surprisingly neat.

In Russia, pedestrian crossings are for guns. In Russia, pedestrian crossings are for guns.

Saw this at a friend’s Facebook, tried to find out where it happened (this is Russia, so why is happened is not even a question) and failed miserably.

Hares and Administrators Hares and Administrators

A sad story of bureaucrats ruining what they are hired to protect. A fable old as time, now a cartoon.

Immorputan Vlad Immorputan Vlad

Failed to find any info on the author or the tattooed man, but still. Seems oddly appropriate. He is ex-KGB, he holds all the resources to himself, and he milks the hell out of his people.

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