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Mopar/Mongoose/McEwen Monday Mopar/Mongoose/McEwen Monday

Hot Wheels 100% red box

Belated Birthday Hawls + 50th Favs Update Belated Birthday Hawls + 50th Favs Update

I’m 40. Oh geez. Look at that stupid number. So stupid. Stupid pointy 4 and dopey round 0. I hate you both.

Thursday on the Thames

Best looking mainline release of this casting? I think so. 

Trying My Hand at Memes Trying My Hand at Memes

The Hitler Reacts meme has been my very favorite thing on the internet for years. Something about the petty rage set against the grandest stakes in history just tickles me to no end.

First LaLD post (not about an NSX...) Photo Dump First LaLD post (not about an NSX...) Photo Dump

Hey guys, I’m AR24-7! So I’ve been a follower and commenter for a while now, and I am just now getting some time to make my first post about my collection! So anyway, let’s get to what you’re really here for; the cars. And if you have any questions comments, or advice, feel free to comment down below! (There is…

The Fuzz The Fuzz

I finally got my cruiser finished and not one speeder all morning.

So who got one? So who got one?

This is the first time I’ve been able to actually get an item with my RLC membership (aside from the membership car). I think Mattel has finally learned their lesson: that 3k and 6k production runs and letting people get two per person right off the bat wasn’t such a good idea when they sold over 17k RLC memberships.…

918 on 9/18 918 on 9/18

Porsche 918 by Hot Wheels.

917 on 9/17 917 on 9/17

As if I needed an excuse to DLM this.

The 1969/2011/2014/2018 Twin Mill The 1969/2011/2014/2018 Twin Mill

In 1968, the Hot Wheels brand came out swinging with the famous Sweet 16 set of 1/64 diecast toy race cars, and with a track set to match for high-speed play, the bar was set massively high for 1969. Not just for their rival, the previously dominant Matchbox, but for themselves. With Harry Bentley Bradley, the…

Rumors, from spaaaaaaaaaacccccceeeee

If this is legit, then I’ll be spending a lot of my hunting time in my local Publix stores!

914 on 9/14 914 on 9/14

I didn’t have enough time to address the base or interior. There’s always next year.

Porsche 911s and Michael Bolton Porsche 911s and Michael Bolton

Yes, I associate the Porsche 911 with Michael Bolton, but in a good way.

911 on 9/11 911 on 9/11

Not much sun today.

Childhood Finds Part II Childhood Finds Part II

Since I went down south for another family visit, it only seemed fitting that I bring some old cars back with me. Again, this isn’t all of the old collection, but it’s a pretty good hawl all the same.

Looking for HWEP for Zamac Ram 1500 Looking for HWEP for Zamac Ram 1500

I have these Zamacs at hand, and plenty of other mainlines that might interest you. This, is what interests me:

Childhood Finds Wave 2 Childhood Finds Wave 2

Back at my parents’ house for the weekend. What should I smuggle back this go round?

Might-As-Well Hawl Might-As-Well Hawl

Visiting my family in LA and I piggybacked onto a Target run. Look what followed me home.

My Lunch Break My Lunch Break

I meant post this 12+ hours ago when I was actually finishing up my lunch break, but work got ahold of me instead. So here’s my post now as I’m awake in the middle of the night. Talk about some luck! I’m still in disbelief. Five supers found in the wild, in the middle of the day, in one week. That’s just crazy.

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