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A new definition of "Tank Buster" A new definition of "Tank Buster"

The Ford Escort was originally introduced to replace the aging Ford Anglia, a mainstay among drivers in post-war Britain. The Anglia was affordable, maintainable, and easy to drive, but it wasn’t exactly a motorsport icon. As time rolled on and prospective buyers were watching rally racing and track days from the…

Crown Vic Racecar Crown Vic Racecar

Hey everyone. This was one of the first cars I bought when I got back into the diecast colleting game. I had also been out of touch with nascar for quite some time, but heard Brad Keselowski was stirring it up, especially with Kyle Busch. They have a pretty funny rivalry, which sort of got me searching for Brad’s car.…

Restrictor Plate Drama (2017 Daytona Win) Restrictor Plate Drama (2017 Daytona Win)

Here’s an interesting one. I am unfortunately not crafty enough to customize and truly admire those who do. This is Kurt Busch’s 2017 Daytona 500 Fusion Sport. The 2017 cars are the last regular production cars with metal frames, hood opening and trunk opening features. They now close the trunks and have a frame that…

Race Weekend Presents Race Weekend Presents

My doorstep was really good to me yesterday. Not sure i want to take these out but I probably will.

Ford Friday Ford Friday

With bonus White Lightning warbird

Quick HAWL Quick HAWL

Finally found my 50th Fav Ford Fairlane in Gulf livery. Also happy to have found the MBX 2016 BMW i8. Picked up the Skyline as I couldn’t recall if I had this two-tone paint job.

First LaLD post (not about an NSX...) Photo Dump First LaLD post (not about an NSX...) Photo Dump

Hey guys, I’m AR24-7! So I’ve been a follower and commenter for a while now, and I am just now getting some time to make my first post about my collection! So anyway, let’s get to what you’re really here for; the cars. And if you have any questions comments, or advice, feel free to comment down below! (There is…

Murica Monday - When Two Galaxies Collide Murica Monday - When Two Galaxies Collide

This post wouldn’t have happened without the generosity of The Bell King, he ROAK’d this Ultra Red Auto World Ford Galaxie 500 XL - a chase piece - in our previous trade.

Wildcard Wednesday Wildcard Wednesday

Beads! (not Kyosho). I commissioned this incredible piece from an Instagram user with American Indian heritage, after seeing her Mooneyes and NHRA logo beadwork. Custom zamac drag car with custom letter tires by @socaldiecast562

Teutonic Tuesday: WIP Whips Teutonic Tuesday: WIP Whips

Like usual, I have a bunch of projects running concurrently. I’m a little ADD when it comes to customs projects, and always get tempted to jump into the next exciting idea before the last exciting idea is finished. The result is, of course, a list of too many projects to count, sadly causing some delays on things I…

Chase Day Chase Day

Let’s keep this day of chases going with a weekend find

Oh, We're just Stanging Around... Oh, We're just Stanging Around...

A couple of Mustangs basking in the sun. NBD, really.

Lego My Mustangs! Lego My Mustangs!

My collection of Lego Speed Stars kits:

Customs Training Hawl Customs Training Hawl

As I’m ramping up towards some more challenging custom jobs, both involving detailing and full-on repaints, I thought I’d take a break from buying more premium metal and get a few cheapies to use as trainers.

Suburban Sundays: A Trio of Brown CUVs Suburban Sundays: A Trio of Brown CUVs

Hey LaLD! Today I’ve decided to try a new theme day. As you’ve probably noticed, a large portion of my 1:64 scale collection revolves around the delightfully mundane and everyday; thus, I propose that we have Suburban Sundays! This will be a showcase of all the cars that are average enough to be not particularly…

LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style

Picked up a Racing Champions Pit Crew set on eBay for a great price the other day. Figured LaLeMans was a good opportunity to mess around with it.

Ford Friday Ford Friday

Event car for the 2018 Carlisle Ford Nationals

Ford Friday Mix Ford Friday Mix

Just a few shots of some of the Fords in my collection. I believe Greenlight makes the best Ford GT in 1/64 scale. Mini GT by TSM is coming out with a 1/64 line and in it will be the GTE version of this car. I can’t wait for that!

Inter///Mission - Close look at the 1:8 Ford F-100 by Salvat Inter///Mission - Close look at the 1:8 Ford F-100 by Salvat

Salvat is an editorial group much like DeAgostini, and their collections are sold on several news stands in Brazil and Europe. They recently launched a 100-edition Ford F-100 in 1:8 scale. The model is perfect that it has horns, illuminated dashboard, headlights and tail lights that light up when you depress the…

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