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Downsizing Downsizing

I started making a scale model of my house last night. I’m surprised it took me only one night and one sheet of foam core. I measured wherever I could and used an online scale calculator to scale it down to 1:64.

Project: Validation Build Day Project: Validation Build Day

Behold! I have made a parking garage! The most forgettable, banal, and downright ugly of all human creations!

Tuetonic Triple Threat Tuesday Tuetonic Triple Threat Tuesday

Boy, do I love Tarmac Works. Only one shot of the Audi R8, but silver is really a nice color for diecast, no?:)

Tarmac Works M6 GT car!

It’s coming:)

Project: Validation layout Project: Validation layout

Mentioned this in a comment so it seems silly not to post about it. In addition to Project: Screentime, I wanted something for my non-movie cars. The Greenlight Mechanics sets are cool, but they’re already full to bursting. So I am working on this:

Overseas eBay HAWL - The Most Dangerous of HAWLs Overseas eBay HAWL - The Most Dangerous of HAWLs

The last thing a diecast collector should do is visit eBay in the middle of night. It’s simply too tempting. Pretty soon your bank account will read nil and you’ll be tripping over packages of diecasts, all while wondering why you felt the need to add to a collection that virtually fills the spare room already.

Project: Screentime - First Post Project: Screentime - First Post

The reason I initially fell off the wagon was that I stumbled upon the Bluesmobile, seen in one of my earlier posts (link below).

What Have You People Done to Me? What Have You People Done to Me?

There’s a fascinating sociological theory concerning one’s social threshold. Essentially, what do you find yourself willing to do when enough people around you are also doing it.


I thought these wheels were a nice fit :)

Hour Rule Hour Rule

To get to Kowalski’s, you have to go over the river and through the woods. Here he is on his way back from a parts run with the lads in back(:

Mail's Here! Mail's Here!

On IG, I’m a part of a ‘crew’ and many of us used to write (graffiti). I, myself, wasn’t nearly as prolific (one mural) but I always had an interest in cartooning, calligraphy, and art overall. So, I had the idea to pass around one of these Greenlight trucks. It’s been state to state, but still has a few more to go! I…

Teutonic Tuesday Revisited Teutonic Tuesday Revisited

I did it again. I made another Gulf liveried 991.1. My hands were very shaky, this time around. I know why, too. Next time I’m in that situation, I will have to just use masking tape. That will be a first. Well, here it is. I hope you still like it!:)

Hour Rule: Guardrail  Hour Rule: Guardrail 

Say whuuuuut... The county came and installed a guardrail at Kowalski’s, over the weekend. Then, every drunk in the area proceeded to take their turn on it during evening hours... now Kowalski and I are stuck with this:

Winged Wednesday Winged Wednesday

I’ve added two more Bentley GT3 race cars to my collection, quietly regretting I didn’t add the other new ones as well. I hope you enjoy!

Teutonic Tuesday Triple Threat (image heavy) Teutonic Tuesday Triple Threat (image heavy)

I recently received two GT3 RS models and two Bentley GT cars (saving those for later) from Sparky, and I love em! However, I also ruined a Majorette 918 Spyder Prototype while trying to add detail, so I decided I would grab another one (aaaaand i messed that up, too. can you tell??) and the ruined one would become…

Murica Monday: C6 Corvette Murica Monday: C6 Corvette

I really like the job Auto World did with this casting. I sure hope they do the C7... or at least add to their catalogue!

LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style

Picked up a Racing Champions Pit Crew set on eBay for a great price the other day. Figured LaLeMans was a good opportunity to mess around with it.

Wheelswap Wednesday Wicked Outlaw Wheelswap Wednesday Wicked Outlaw

I was reminded, yesterday, that I have the Gulf livery. Did you know it is actually a different tool? I didn’t realize it, until today. Overall, I believe the RLC is way overpriced. I fixed up the tampos on the Outlaw a little bit:) I hope you enjoy!

Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday Hour Rule: Teutonic Tuesday

Two of my favorite versions of this casting(:

Hour Rule: Bulls from Chicago Hour Rule: Bulls from Chicago

...but not Chicago Bulls(:

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