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Remember May 10th? 510 Day! Remember May 10th? 510 Day!

I won! I won the 510 Day contest and I received my prize in the mail from Plasticprints (II) and was surprised by the contents. Not one to simply send one vehicle by itself, he went ahead and added a few more!

510 Day Winner  510 Day Winner 

Congratulations to MustangFan. Thanks to everyone who submitted a picture for 510 day.

Happy 5/10 Day!!! Happy 5/10 Day!!!

It’s been a busy day, and I almost forgot to post a pic. So here’s my last minute improv!

Happy 510 Day! Happy 510 Day!

Nothing thing like a pair of 510s with Pikes Peak in the background to make for a nice day! Enjoy!!

Happy 510 Day everyone!  Happy 510 Day everyone! 

Just like Superstarska, I only have one 510 (I think) that I can bust out for some pics. Here’s the Surf Patrol wagon with some new wheels. Happy 510 Day!

Issa 5/10  Issa 5/10 

Bet y’all tired of reading that number already but guess what? HAVE SOME MORE 510 DATSUNS!

510 day, ya say? 510 day, ya say?

Just an M2 Machines lowered 510 in the shop today....

Yo Dawg, I Put a 510 In Your 5/10 Yo Dawg, I Put a 510 In Your 5/10

Just a lil’ wheel swap. Proof the Cargo Carriers Supervan was good for something. Enjoy your 510 day!!!

Happy 510 Day Happy 510 Day

So it turns out I only have one 510 handy.

510 Day 510 Day

Just a few of my favorite Hot Wheels 510s on this May 10th!

The Datsun 510 is #1! The Datsun 510 is #1!

At least if you ask Hot Wheels. No matter what version, and no matter how hard they are to get, people come flocking. RLC, main line, $uper TH, Boulevard, JH1, JH2, convention cars... You name it.

Happy 510 Day! Happy 510 Day!

No better day to showcase this TLV Datsun 510 from Mr. K’s selection.

510 Day 510 Day

Don’t forget to tag your post 510 Day. See my last post for a full run down on the giveaway.

510 Day 510 Day

Still my favorite version and many will agree.

510 Day 510 Day

Here’s my 510 offering:

1st package sneak peak revealed at 5-10 day 1st package sneak peak revealed at 5-10 day

It’s been a long time since I posted my sneak peak and now the wait is over and in time for 510 day.

510 Day Giveaway  510 Day Giveaway 

To celebrate I will be giving away this TLV 510! The contest will run for 24 hours. To simplify things I’m running it on Lald time starting at midnight. Contest is open to all of Lald. I will cover $5 shipping to our international members. To enter just submit a new 510 photo. The lead image will be the one judged.…