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To-be Tuesday: playworn Toyota Celica by MotorMax (I think) To-be Tuesday: playworn Toyota Celica by MotorMax (I think)

Picked up this playworn Toyota Celica about a month ago for $0.50 from a loose diecast bin. I finally have a replacement battery for the old power drill coming later this week! Thought I’d take some photos before the upcoming makeover/conversion into my cousin’s 1:1.

Rennsport Reunion: Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT1-98 Straßenversion Rennsport Reunion: Hot Wheels Porsche 911 GT1-98 Straßenversion

My first entry for the Rennsport themed week is Hot Wheel’s take on one of the cars from the wildest age of Le Mans, a time when manufacturers attempted to outdo each other in their attempts to bypass the rulebook.

7... 8... 919! 7... 8... 919!

Logically, it’s no surprise that 917 day and 918 day are followed by 919 day. And thanks to the amazing Spark 1/64 models they cutely dubbed “Sparky,” I have something to show!

Murica Monday: C6 Corvette Murica Monday: C6 Corvette

I really like the job Auto World did with this casting. I sure hope they do the C7... or at least add to their catalogue!

LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style LaLeMans 2018...1/64 style

Picked up a Racing Champions Pit Crew set on eBay for a great price the other day. Figured LaLeMans was a good opportunity to mess around with it.

Teutonic Tuesday: Messen ist Wissen Teutonic Tuesday: Messen ist Wissen

As Philipilihp told already, I was wondering about the sizes on Minichamps64 and TLVs 911s as the old swb 911S by Tomica appeared not that smaller than a MC64 997. All this last weekend on Instagram.

Ford Friday Mix Ford Friday Mix

Just a few shots of some of the Fords in my collection. I believe Greenlight makes the best Ford GT in 1/64 scale. Mini GT by TSM is coming out with a 1/64 line and in it will be the GTE version of this car. I can’t wait for that!

LaLD ///May: 4. Tag, was ist denn das, ein M4???? LaLD ///May: 4. Tag, was ist denn das, ein M4????

Finally, no #loophole or #recycleweek needed. As for the 4th day I actually have a cast I haven’t shown before!

Teutonic Truckin' Tuesday: Zwei Gegensätze / Generationen Teutonic Truckin' Tuesday: Zwei Gegensätze / Generationen

Recently I got my Tomica G. The Gelände. And it’s nice to see the difference with how a SUV has evolved when you put a more recent one next to it. I don’t have MLs or something so I’m gettin out one of the few 1/64 SUVs I have: Minichamps Porsche Cayenne GTS.

Rivals Rivals

A couple more additions to the stable :D

Is It Me, Or... Is It Me, Or...

Do we not see too much Auto World, here on LaLD? I find them to be very nice. I’d even venture to say that they are the nicest American diecast cars. I recently found a few on the pegs:

Kowalski Has Been Upgraded Kowalski Has Been Upgraded

Kowalski got two upgrades this past week, and that leaves me with one more thing to add. Here’s how it looks, for now. I’m no diorama expert. It’s a WIP, but I hope you like it!:)

Hour Rule Hour Rule

Rotors and calipers in 1/64 scale.  o.O

LaLD Engine Week 2018: 4気筒の日 LaLD Engine Week 2018: 4気筒の日

Engine week... How am I gonna do that with all those 1/43s and 1/64s? As those hardly show any of the internals. So I needed a plan. And no: this one ain’t the same as the one I did for LaLD Car Week 2018. That was a Norev 1/43 of my Be-1. This is a 1/64 TLV. Which I have two of actually.

Freestyle Friday Fanaticism  Freestyle Friday Fanaticism 

Yes, fanaticism. I couldn’t help myself, once I saw these online. The company is called Grani & Partners. I would say they’re at the level of Kyosho. Some of you may have seen some of these on IG (I think pocketcarz has shot some). So, I pulled the trigger on a set of 12 cars: 4 Bugattis, 4 Paganis, and 4 McLarens.…

Winged Wednesday: Tarmac Works (image heavy) Winged Wednesday: Tarmac Works (image heavy)

Some new arrivals at the DoD Garage. Shall we?:D

Teutonic Triple Tuesday (image heavy) Teutonic Triple Tuesday (image heavy)

I made these last week. I’m still working on my freehand and detailing. I also made a mistake with the stances and ride height, but, oh, well... I hope you enjoy:)

Teutonic Tuesday: Rekordhalter Teutonic Tuesday: Rekordhalter

No need to explain what the Rekordhalter part is here I suppose but for those living under a rock: this car holds the all-time record for the fastest vehicle ever to lap the famed Nürburgring Nordschleife. Driven by Stefan Bellof in a 1983 qualifying session for the 1000 km Sports Car race.

Under Pressure, or 1:64-wheelin' Under Pressure, or 1:64-wheelin'

While working outside today, inspiration struck. The wife was pressure washing, and the runoff became an opportunity for some phone shots.

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