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Rainbow Six Siege Pro Pulls Off Unlikely 1 vs 4 Win  Rainbow Six Siege Pro Pulls Off Unlikely 1 vs 4 Win 

Twitch reflexes and impeccable aim are important in Rainbow Six Siege, but so is being incredibly patient and choosing the right moment to strike.

Genji Player Wipes Out Heroes Of The Storm Team In Seconds Genji Player Wipes Out Heroes Of The Storm Team In Seconds

If you can see Overwatch’s Genji you’ve probably let him get too close. The same applies to his character in Heroes of the Storm. And if that happens, whatever you do, don’t shoot him.

Rocket League Player Sinks Goal Over Sick Double Bump

In today’s European play-in qualifiers for the Rocket League Rival Series, team Triple Trouble showcased some beautiful coordination in setting up a clean shot on the goal by bumping out the defenders.

Overwatch Pro Lands The Dream Charge Overwatch Pro Lands The Dream Charge

Muma may have lost, but he won the hearts of many a Reinhardt in last night’s game against the New York Excelsior with one incredible charge.

Dota Pro Falls For The Bait

In last night’s StarLadder i-League Dota Invitational, reigning TI7 champs Team Liquid fell for an early ruse that led to first blood and more for their opponent, Mineski.

Rocket League Open Ends In Clutch Overtime Goal

Today’s grand finals between G2 and Paris Saint-Germain managed to go the full distance. It was the champs against the fresh-but-fierce PSG squad, and it all came down to a single goal in extra time.

Overwatch Teams That Stick Together, Get Stuck Together

In today’s Overwatch League matches, the Dallas Fuel learned a hard lesson about everybody funneling through the same door.

Splatoon Player Clinches Win With The Most Satisfying Dunk

Most players might just use Splatoon 2's high-flying super jump to get back into the action after you’ve respawned. Saffron Rice’s DNerd found a different use: to sink the game-winning clam.

Genji On The Roof

Liam “Mangachu” Campbell is a Canadian Overwatch player who’s quite good, as shown in his use of Eichenwalde’s rooftops to strike with Genji’s ultimate.

League Pro Steals Show With Massive Triple Kill League Pro Steals Show With Massive Triple Kill

Yesterday’s North American League Championship Series ended in an upset for Cloud9, but marksman player Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi can’t feel too bad. His plays on Tristana during the final game of the series were easily the highlight of that day’s games.

The Sneakiest Score In Today's Splatoon 2 Tournament

This is why you always ink the side of the ramps.

When You Want Everyone To Know You Made That Overwatch Play Of The Game

Tanks, next to supports, are the often the unsung heroes of a match. So when you make one of the bigger plays of the game, even on the main stage of the Overwatch World Cup qualifiers, it’s fine to gloat a little.

Knife In Overtime Steals The Show At Counter-Strike Major

There’s flashy ways to win in overtime, but few as good as a leaping knife slash to ensure a bomb goes off.

Clutch Baron Steal In League Match Is Almost Better Than Winning

Securing a Baron kill can often swing a game of League of Legends in either team’s favor. In today’s matches in the League Master Series in Taiwan, ahq e-Sports’ jungle player made a flashy play to take the advantage for himself.

Damn, This Overwatch Pro Is Good At Widowmaker

During yesterday’s European Overwatch Contenders group stage, Esporati player DIDS put together a highlight reel of Widowmaker shots in short succession to secure the round.

French Commentator Gets Hyped Up Over Trackmania Run

Take one part time-trial racing, two parts technical mastery and a pinch of puzzle solving, and you’re close to encapsulating Trackmania. This weekend, qualifiers for the 2017 Trackmania Cup are taking place, and it’s like watching Formula 1 racers attempt to solve a physics-based Rubik’s cube with their cars.

The FIFA Goal That Just Wouldn't Go In

Some days, it can seem like every force in the universe is against you. This FIFA player must have done something in a past life, as for thirty straight seconds, as he lands the most improbable non-goal possible in FIFA 17.

Injustice 2 Comeback "Worse Than Golden State Blowing A 3-1 Lead"

It can often seem like you’re out of your league in online games like Injustice 2. With their back against the wall and a sliver of health left, Flash player Honey Bee CMNDR looked all but out of it, until they flipped the switch and ran it all the way back on a very unsuspecting Robin.

Dota Pro Counters Time Travel With Map-Wide Grappling Hook Dota Pro Counters Time Travel With Map-Wide Grappling Hook

In today’s qualifier matches for Dota’s The Summit 7, Natus Vincere’s Danil “Dendi” Ishutin found himself warped away from a fight by Vega Squadron’s Disruptor. With seconds to save himself, Dendi landed a chain onto a nearby tree and took a journey through space and time.

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