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The Super 6 The Super 6

1966-69 NBC. DePatie-Freleng Enterprises. 20 episodes.

The Demon Murder Case The Demon Murder Case

1983 NBC. Young Kevin Bacon. True story possessed by a demon.

Nobody Nails 'Em Like Hammer Nobody Nails 'Em Like Hammer

Mike Hammer. New 1985.

The Herculoids The Herculoids

A favorite of mine as a kid with Space Ghost. Hanna-Barbera. Originally 1967-69 CBS. 18 episodes, 36 segments.

Happy Birthday, America Happy Birthday, America

Bicentennial. 1976. WMAQ Channel 5. Paul Anka. Museum of Classic Chicago Television.

The X-Files Marathon The X-Files Marathon

4th of July style. Someone gave me all the DVDs. I’ve already found them handy when a certain episode comes up. Random standalone episodes from random seasons, and commentaries. Unfortunately I watched Kill Switch and Bad Blood fairly recently. If they have a commentary I may put them in.

Super President Super President

1967-68 NBC. DePatie-Freleng. Or whatever the need requires.

Graft Recipes Graft Recipes

Extra cheesy.

Goodbye Charlie Goodbye Charlie

Failed pilot. 1985 ABC. Suzanne Somers, John Davidson. And New Coke. It’s a hit. From an ABC airing of The Shining. Ernie Anderson.

Great Loaf Great Loaf

Meat loaf and cheese sauce mix. September 25, 1981 CBS commercial block.

Monster Squad Monster Squad

1976-77 NBC. 13 episodes.

The Fantastic Funnies The Fantastic Funnies

1980 CBS with Loni Anderson. Comic strip special. Full thing new from the Museum of Classic Chicago Television.

Beanpole Beanpole

Failed pilot. 1990 ABC. New promo.

Almost Grown Almost Grown

1988-89 CBS. Tim Daly. Created by David Chase. 13 episodes.

 A Little Bit of Twin Peaks in My Living Room  A Little Bit of Twin Peaks in My Living Room

I’ve been rewatching Twin Peaks: The Return and observed I have the same knotty pine in my living room as in The Great Northern Hotel. I’ve always liked the knotty pine for providing a lodge-like aesthetic at home.

Boozin' Buddies! Boozin' Buddies!

New. 1984 NBC. Family Ties. Uncle Ned is back (Tom Hanks) and he’s drinking. Hence the Boozin’ Buddies thing from NBC sly wit. The previous plotline with Ned running from the FBI and “the Fat Man walks alone” was excellent. Plus more new NBC promos.

Texas 27 Film Vault Texas 27 Film Vault

Before MST3K in the mid-8os. Texas-style.

Korg: 70,000 B.C. Korg: 70,000 B.C.

Found because of the previous Saturday preview post. 1974-75 ABC. From Hanna-Barbera. 19 episodes.

Funshine Saturday Funshine Saturday

1974 ABC with the Six Million Dollar Man. A preview of upcoming Saturday morning fare.

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