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The Lost 3D Episode of Moonlighting The Lost 3D Episode of Moonlighting

Season 2 ep. In God We Strongly Suspect begins with a prologue mentioning the production difficulties. In partnership with Coca-Cola. 1988 writer strike torpedoed the whole thing.

The Hardy Boys The Hardy Boys

1969 ABC. Filmation.

Hardhat & Legs Hardhat & Legs

1980 TV movie. Ruth Gordon was one of the writers.

Live and Let Die (1973) Live and Let Die (1973)

ABC TV airings were a favorite of mine. Louisiana setting. Ernie Anderson.

The Yeagers The Yeagers

Talk about short-lived. Kevin Brophy led me here. Two episodes aired on ABC in 1980. Andy Griffith. Shows you that over two years of doing obscure television I am still finding shows I’ve never heard of.

The Kallikaks The Kallikaks

Short-lived and obscure hillbilly sitcom from NBC in 1977. David Huddleston, Edie McClurg, Bonnie Ebsen. 5 episodes. History buffs may remember the Kallikak Family from a discredited eugenics study into the feeble-minded in the early part of the 20th century.

George of the Jungle George of the Jungle

1967-70 ABC.

Northstar and Condor Northstar and Condor

Not one but two failed pilots for ABC in 1986. One with Greg Evigan as an astronaut who returns to Earth with superhuman powers, and the other is Ray Wise on the crime fighting Condor team against criminal mastermind the Black Widow. Also a few new promos for such memorable 1985/86 ABC shows as Lady Blue, MacGruder &…

Go Go Gophers Go Go Gophers

1968-69 CBS.

Cass Malloy Cass Malloy

Failed pilot. 1982 CBS. Eventually became She’s the Sheriff.

Skyhawks Skyhawks

1969-71 ABC. Mattel Toys.

New Wave Steele New Wave Steele

1983 NBC. Punk rock Remington Steele. Plus more new 80s promos and commercials.

Trick or Treats Trick or Treats

Oct. 1982 commercial block. I finally learned how to screenshot Youtube with this video. There were some good promo graphics I wanted to save. Block includes creepy Halloween III spot, Monsignor spot, It Came from Hollywood, The Mackintosh Man, MASH, Three’s Company, and more.

Nightmare Theatre Nightmare Theatre

1977. The Blob open.

Sherlock Holmes Promos Sherlock Holmes Promos

TV intros, etc. 1972 ABC promo slide header for The Hound of the Baskervilles.

Son of Svengoolie - First Anniversary Show Son of Svengoolie - First Anniversary Show

1980. Pillow of Death. Brand new.

Journey to the Center of the Earth Journey to the Center of the Earth

Filmation. 1967-69. 17 episodes.

Baron Blood Baron Blood

Spooky 1976 CBS Late Movie promo. New. Museum of Classic Chicago Television.

Series Premiere of Roseanne Series Premiere of Roseanne

New 1988 ABC promo with Mission Impossible. New Roseanne-less Roseanne show premieres tomorrow I think.

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