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Pompeii Pompeii

Library of Congress. 1890 photochrom color.

One Wall One Wall

I have two lamps built into the wall on either side of the bed. Rarely on at the same time. On now. The photographer in me notices the light that does not at all come through in the header. With the tripod I am taking multiple frames and zooms to see if any are sharp. Trade paperbacks, Book Club, science, etc., all of…

Louisiana: Part II Louisiana: Part II

Harvesting rice, Crowley, Louisiana. 1938. Lee, Russell, photographer. Kinja ate first try, pardon the editing.

Tuesday DVD Mini-Marathon Tuesday DVD Mini-Marathon

Having one of those sinus events where it sounds like you are talking in a helmet. Adding as we go. New DVD setup in the soundproofed section. 27 inch analog monster. One of my favorite 70s Burt movies.

DVD Player! DVD Player!

I solved the DVD problem. Moved the nice old 27 inch analog TV and the crappy old DVD player. Ironically the abandoned bedroom is now the most protected room. Bonus: Ceiling fan.

Still Life: Work Station Still Life: Work Station

I went through a whole box of thumbtacks and a whole box of clear push pins. All of my spare beer flat cardboards that I was saving for paperbacks. Still need more thumbtacks. I did find more push pins at Big Lots! Also Fletch. And I added all the coverage to the main post from multiple room angles.

Fort Panic Fort Panic

Latest home improvement project. Sound proofing the panic/reading room. Exterior and interior. This and the kitchen are the only insulated rooms, with all walls to the interior. I also blocked out the back bedroom/storage windows, which turned out to be difficult. But done now. Multiple layers. Kramer had levels, the…

Louisiana Louisiana

They’re trying to wash us away.

Hello from Hollywood Hello from Hollywood

Bernheimer Home, 1922. Library of Congress and New York Public Library Digital Collections.

Barbed Wire Barbed Wire

Barbed wire fence. Cascade County, Montana. 1939 May. Rothstein, Arthur, 1915-1985, photographer. Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information Black-And-White Negatives (170,901)

The Opium Fiend The Opium Fiend

Did Kinja change the editor? It’s terrible. Opium appropriate. Poppies, poppies. My introduction to opium dens was of course Sherlock Holmes.

NASA Vintage NASA Vintage

And beyond. Watching Unidentified Flying Oddball (1979).

Riddle of the Sphinx Riddle of the Sphinx

What happened to the nose? Wiki page said there were signs rods and poles were used to remove the nose. One legend was it was shot off with a cannonball by Napoleon’s men. In the very earliest photos and drawings it was mostly just the head sticking out of the sand.

The Witch's House The Witch's House

1936 Maine. Carl Van Vechten.

Miniature Golf Miniature Golf


Final Week Final Week

NL still interesting. Dusting off the CCrane radio tonight vs. Brewers. KMOX 1120 clear channel.

I'm Flying I'm Flying

1895. My Wiki Wormhole last night was early flight experiments. Once you got a certain height off the ground (50-60 ft.?) crashes were almost always fatal. In the very early days people would jump off towers with homemade contraptions with no basis in science and would invariably kill themselves. Otto Lilienthal…

Night Flight Night Flight

Welcome to Night Flight. Your weekend open thread. Row.

Vintage Hamburgers Vintage Hamburgers

Cheeseburger, cheeseburger, cheeseburger. Pepsi.

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