Meanwhile, in Canada ... mrsfinch cannot stop laughing

... at former Toronto Maple Leaf Phil Kessel’s lame-ass performance in this plug for the Pittsburgh Penguins’ Star Wars promotion night.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... one brave woman asks you to think before you pink

A serious note for a change, my kind and patient readers. mrsfinch has very strong feelings about pinkwashing, and is always pathetically glad to find she is not the only one.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... do you want to enter the world of Wes Anderson, and stay there?

Frankly mrsfinch would rather rather pull her own fingernails, but she understands that the director has fans.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... Cathedraltown's chrome cow controversy continues, dairyman decries donor's data 

The world may be burning outside our borders, but b’god we will get to the bottom of this chrome cow business.

Meanwhile, in Canada ... mrsfinch quotes a former Prime Minister

In the words of Brian Mulroney himself: “There’s no whore like an old whore.”