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Overlord S3 ep 9-11 review Overlord S3 ep 9-11 review

The formula is, without a doubt, becoming increasingly stale. Thankfully, the show still has its moments of surprise that keep things interesting.

Overlord S3.8 review: A Overlord S3.8 review: A

If we didn’t get any of Foresight’s story, this episode would have been far more palatable. However, it would have also lost out on much of its impact, even if said impact was heavily manipulated by the directorial choices this episode.

Overlord S3.7 review: A- Overlord S3.7 review: A-

Overlord doubles down on the mayhem as the team of Workers are put to the test. Will they survi-ha ha ha. This episode was just plain fun.

Overlord S3.6 review: A- Overlord S3.6 review: A-

Overlord’s new arc made the world feel far bigger than before. New kingdom, new characters, and death flags, death flags everywhere!

Overlord S3.5 review: B+ Overlord S3.5 review: B+

With episode 5, the Carne Village arc closes out not with violent, overpowered spectacle, but with heart.

Overlord S3.4 review: B Overlord S3.4 review: B

To be blunt, this episode bored me.

Overlord S3.3: B+ Overlord S3.3: B+

One of the big successes of this episode was how well it integrated Nazarick’s denizens into the episode’s plot.

Overlord S3.2 review: B+ Overlord S3.2 review: B+

This was another solid episode of Overlord.

Overlord S3.1 review: B+ Overlord S3.1 review: B+

Whereas the premiere for season 2 acted as “a reminder of season 1 events while also setting up plot threads for later”, season 3's premiere was more akin to “how’re things going in HQ?” This was a pretty low-key, slice of life episode that shone the spotlight on the denizens of the Tomb of Nazarick, and it was…

Favorite moments from Overlord Favorite moments from Overlord

It’s Canada Day and what better way to celebrate it than writing about a isekai power fantasy! Since both are about...new starts...and...being bad ass? Whatever. Canada’s awesome, Overlord’s fun, let’s get on with it.