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Birthday Party flac

AJR. 2019. Writer: Adam Met;Jack Met;Ryan Met;Peter Ivers;David Lynch.
2 Loote

Your Side Of The Bed flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: ​Jesse Saint John;Jackson Foote;Emma Lov Block.

100 Bad Days flac

AJR. 2019. Writer: Jack Met;Adam Met;Ryan Met.
4 Joe Jonas

Longer Than I Thought flac

Joe Jonas. 2018. Writer: Patrick Nissley;Jackson Foote;Dave Katz.
5 Loote

Out Of My Head flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: Emma Lov Block;Michael Pollack;Jeremy Dussolliet;Jackson Foote.
6 Iselin Solheim

Anyone Out There flac

Iselin Solheim. 2019. Writer: Iselin Solheim;Max Grahn.
7 Loote

Wish I Never Met You flac

Loote. 2018. Writer: Jackson Foote;Alex Peter Koste;Jeremy Dussolliet;Emma Lov Block.
8 Kim Petras

Heart To Break flac

Kim Petras. 2018. Writer: Cirkut;Aaron Joseph;Dr. Luke;Jacob Kasher;Kim Petras.
9 A L E X

Out On The Trampoline At Night flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
10 A L E X

I Want To Hold Your Hand flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
11 A L E X

Field flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
12 A L E X

Save Me flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
13 Devin

Summer Lover flac

Devin. 2019. Writer: Tommy Lee James;Stuart Crichton;Oliver Heldens;Nile Rodgers;Devin Guisande.
14 A L E X

9 To 5 flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
15 A L E X

Skirt flac

A L E X. 2018. Writer: A L E X.
16 Florian Picasso

Midnight Sun (Extended Version) flac

Florian Picasso. 2019.
17 Florian Picasso

Midnight Sun flac

Florian Picasso. 2019.
18 21 Savage

Enzo flac

21 Savage. 2019. Writer: YungLunchBox;Sheck Wes;Offset;Gucci Mane;21 Savage;DJ Snake.
19 Tales Of Ratatösk

Battle Of The Doomed Gods 320kbps

Tales Of Ratatösk. 2019.
20 Tales Of Ratatösk

Andro 320kbps

Tales Of Ratatösk. 2019.
Best of Overland and Expedition - February 2018

This month on “things that keep Bloody from loosing his, well, bloody mind and holy shit it’s the 19th already!?” we get down to the best of February.

Trip Reports:

Tim kicks it off by saving us from the effort of reading with his video:

Dirt New Years- Video

We head out to the California state line and spend the next 3 days meandering home over 350 or so…

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Mtdrift makes us all...

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Today, Katy Perry Ate Too Many Nuggets On Japanese TV

Have you ever had the chicken nuggets from the Japanese convenience store chain Lawson? They are so effing good. I know it, you might know it, and Katy Perry definitely knows it.

Earlier today when Perry was on Japanese morning show Sukkiri, she ate lots and lots of Lawson’s “Karaage-kun” nuggets. The above GIF is from popular bulletin board 2ch. No, she is not throwing up.

The show...

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Darmok eats Challah at 12Nagra
Davy M Jones
California Law Enforcement Prepares for Effects of Legal Marijuana on Roadways

As marijuana becomes legal in California for recreational use in 2018, law enforcement agencies across the nation’s most populous state are preparing to address its inevitable effects on vehicle operation.

“For many years, we’ve had strict and scientific ways to test for alcohol-based impairment, or even the effects of hard narcotics,” states California Highway Patrol (CHP) Lieutenant...

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mkbruin, Atlas VP
Shia LaBeouf iba a estar en <i>Suicide Squad</i> pero Warner Bros no lo quiso por estar "loco"

Si has visto alguna de las tres primeras películas de la saga Transformers sabes quién es, o si has visto uno de mis memes favoritos de Internet, reflejado en la imagen anterior. Pero aunque hoy en día Shia LaBeouf no tiene tanta presencia en los estrenos de cartelera, pudo haber protagonizado Suicide Squad . El problema es que Warner Bros lo impidió.

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joe higashi
Blow Up Your House With the Prettiest Nuclear Bomb Simulator 

What would happen if a nuclear weapon fell in your backyard? You and everything around you would be destroyed, of course. But how many casualties would there be in the surrounding area? And what would it look like if it was a North Korean nuke versus a Russian nuke?

There’s a new interactive map that helpfully answers all of these questions. And it’s almost too pretty for its own good.


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Sam Tarly Has a Theory About Why <i>Game of Thrones' </i>Gyroscopes Suddenly Appeared in the Show

The final episode of Game of Thrones’ sixth season was full of bloodshed, carnage and, oh yeah, lots and lots of death. However, there was one tiny exception: The part where Samwell Tarly walks into a library—specifically, the giant library of the Citadel, where Sam will study to be a maester.

It was the ultimate Belle in Beauty and the Beast moment, giving us one of the purest moments of...

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Isha Aran
I Hope You Dance 
Isha Aran 03/30/2018. 17 comments
<a href="" data-id="" onClick="'send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">I Hope You Dance </a>

This past Saturday, Pierce Bush, grandson of George H. W. Bush and nephew of George W. Bush, a war criminal who paints dogs and people now, married his fiancé, Sarahbeth Melton. The wedding took place at Garden of the Gods in Colorado, an objectively beautiful place for a wedding or for when you have family in town and they want to see beautiful things but don’t want to get out of the car.

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I Want To Invite F1's Kimi Raikkonen To Celebrations For All Of My Major Life Events

Formula One driver Kimi Raikkonen is more than a national treasure. He brings chuckles worldwide, courtesy of his grumbling, hushed demeanor and leave-me-alone-I-don’t-want-to-be-here-anyway attitude. That’s why I’d like to cordially invite him to celebrate all of my major life events from here on out.

The GIF above is a shot of Raikkonen, with no shame, denying Ferrari teammate Sebastian...

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Just Jeepin'
Oh Kinja
E90M3 03/30/2018. 8 comments


¿Cuál es el superhéroe más poderoso de todos, y por qué?

Amantes de los cómics, reuníos. Vuestro conocimiento de los mundos de Marvel, DC, Image o Vertigo (o la editorial que sea) está en juego. Hoy nos hemos traído la armadura de los domingos porque la pregunta de nuestro Friday Chat es de esas que levantan debates encendidos: ¿cuál es el superhéroe más poderoso de todos, y por qué?

Es fácil decir Superman, pero el personaje de DC ya ha muerto una...

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Eduardo Marín
Calling all Nashville Opponauts

So I’ve parlayed my degree and recent experience in to a job offer in Nashville, I’ll be moving there at the end of the month and starting sometime around then/beginning of June.

I’m currently apartment searching, I’m fairy limited rent-expense wise, but I was just curious if you guys had any advice/opinions! (good/bad areas, good eats, good bars, etc.) I’m 24, like to go out on the town...

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R Saldana [|Oo|======|oO|] - BTC/ETH/LTC Prophet
Thursday Morning Open Thread

This open thread is sponsored by the folks over at Old School Group Drink, coming to you, LIVE, tomorrow night. Stay tuned for details!


Sorcia MacNasty
Wednesday Evening Open Thread

How’s everyone’s Spring Week going?

One of the Underlings wanted my help picking out a washing machine today (I’m not a washing machine expert) so we left early today. And since it was close by, I went to the movies. Saw Unsane, which I have decidedly mixed feelings about. There were good things, but it was mostly a wasted opportunity. Plus, TWICE I had to tell a grown fucking man to chew his...

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Owl is lost
Being Pretty Good At Doing Nothing, It's The Saturday Open Thread.

How’s everybody doing this Saturday? I hope the answer is good. I’ve been spending the first part of my extended weekend being lazy and re-watching some of the Simpsons Treehouse of Horror Specials. Although the fact that they have done 28 of these is a little depressing cause I remember watching when 3 first aired. Also since this is the Simpsons there have been a couple of times that...

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Chuck E.
Quixotic Quilava!  Pokemon One a Day, Series 2!

Day 5

Volcano Pokemon

The young Cyndaquil wakes up from his nap and has evolved into a battle ready Quilava. More than his fighting ability, his fabulous Super Saiyan hair stops all foes in their tracks. You should be jealous your head's not on fire like my man over here.

With Bayleef, I got an illustration and direction down that felt elegant and graceful. Today's look at the fire starter...

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Evan Chambers
The most useless cupholder.... the world

Imagine you’re going thru the motions of a series of events that has become familiar - Waiting around for the idjit that is parked at the only diesel pump at the station to leave so that you can fuel up. A bystander strikes up the same conversation you’ve had multiple times - “Is that your truck?” “Yep!” “What’s wrong with your weiner?” “NOTHING IS WRONG WITH MY WEINER!!!!”

You then proceed...

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How Did You Choose The DougCar?

Hello, ladies and gentlemen of Jalopnik, and welcome to the latest round of Letters to Doug, your favorite weekly column wherein you send me letters and, in response, I send you Doug.

Interested in participating? Well, you certainly can! Just send me an e-mail at, which is my receptacle for a) Letters to Doug e-mails, and — thanks to one of you kind readers — b) Rick...

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Today's Best Deals: Waterproof Speakers, Folding Keyboard, NFL Gear, and More

More Deals

Today’s Best Gaming Deals​

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Huge Xbox Bundle, $190 Wii U, and More

This Xbox One bundle comes with so many extras, I have to list them as bullet points.

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Today’s Best Media Deals

Today's Best Media Deals: Mad Max Anthology, Legend of Korra, and More

If you enjoyed Mad Max: Fury Road, but want to get caught up on the original trilogy,...

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not really anyone
GIFs of Life in Zero-Gee Almost Make Space Look Fun

Being an astronaut may sound glamorous, but for the most part, life in space is utter tedium—checking systems logs, labeling test tubes for routine science experiments. Not to mention the fact that simple things like using the toilet and running on a treadmill require monk-like patience and bungee cords.

Every now and then, however, astronauts do get to kick back and have fun. As these GIFs...

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Nuevas fotos de Ceres revelan no dos, sino múltiples puntos brillantes

El misterio de los puntos brillantes del planeta enano Ceres está cada vez más cerca de resolverse, aunque aún no hay una respuesta definitiva. Nuevas imágenes tomadas a 13.600 km de su superficie revelan que no se trata de dos grandes puntos brillantes, sino en realidad múltiples destellos. ¿Cuál es su origen?

5 posibles explicaciones a los misteriosos puntos brillantes de Ceres

A medida...

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