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Superhot Is Down to $12 For the First Time Ever

Superhot is a shooter blends a beautiful aesthetic with a perfectly executed bullet time-like mechanic, and you can get a Steam key for just $12 from today, the lowest price anyone’s ever listed on the game.

Superhot: The Kotaku Review

Some games only need a single good idea to work. For example: Superhot, a punishing first-person…

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Springwood's Finest: Top 9 Actors With Careers After NOES

This is a really broad generalization encompassing over a hundred different actors but the Nightmare on Elm Street series seems to have been a showstopper for many an actor.

All one has to do is peruse through the IMDb pages of the various films in the series to see several who have stopped working, taken extended hiatuses, or have been relegated to brief TV-show appearances or DTV movies....

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I don't usually post about my job...

But in my darker moments, I think of this scene when a co-worker lets me down.


Highlander-Horizontally opposed 4 Cylinder 4-Life
Welcome to... something
gzcrozier 15 minutes ago. 0 comments
Welcome to... something

So apparently I’m about to take the blogging plunge. I’m not really much of a writer so I don’t know what I’m doing here, certainly not looking for attention or an audience since I most likely won’t find one. I guess what I am looking for is just a hobby, no, just a space. Somewhere to jot down the few odd rants and random thoughts that come to me in my spare time. And as a bonus no one know...

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Get Medieval on Intruders With This Retractable Fencing

There are lots of ways to prevent people from trespassing on your property, including moats, drawbridges, and roaming packs of dogs. But if those tried and true medieval approaches clash with your design aesthetics, you can instead surround your home with a new approach to fencing that secretly retracts and disappears right into the ground.

Created by a company called Fancy Fence, the system...

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Very Little Gravitas Indeed
French Friday: La danse Brésilienne de Groupe B

Many of you may know that great 205 GTI I posted last week. There was a 205 Rallye as well, a nimble more-old-school carburetted sporty 205 with steelies. But Peugeot didn’t get the Rallye-name from their own line-up. It was Simca that started it all with the Simca 1000 Rallye. More on that one later, as first I’ll show you the car that was chronological between the Simca and the Peugeot: The...

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Dat Butt Wiggle
Mikeado 23 minutes ago. 2 comments


Blake Noble
Mason Plumlee Commits Ultimate Party Foul, Wrecks Entire Tray Of Beers

Nets big man Mason Plumlee couldn't hit the brakes fast enough before slamming into a Verizon Center waitress tonight, laying waste to her entire tray of beers. For front-row service at an NBA game, that's gotta be like $200 worth of suds, gone in a flash. Don't worry, Mason, we'll always have this .

Mason Plumlee Stuffs LeBron On Buzzer-Beating Dunk Attempt

The Brooklyn Nets shocked Miami...

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Mr. K. Dilkington
Here Are Our Favorite Gizmodo Stories From 2015

Drones and Apple Watches. Lost planets and lurking chaos. The truth about dogs and cats. Star Wars—lots of Star Wars. Behold, our favorite stories from the past 364 days.

We asked all the Gizmodo contributors to send along their favorite story from 2015. (If they were too humble to comply, we picked our favorites.) These stories represent our deepest reporting, our most personal topics, and...

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Look At All The Space For Koke

Busquets clumps to overload the wing, then aims to defend the passing lane instead of going directly to Koke. Pique is forced to step up to close down Koke and the Mascherano’s coverage from the left is too late to close down the gap. Torres slides in and Koke nails the pass dead on.

Watch an Ant Bite a Butterfly to Make It Fly Away

The butterfly is in a much heavier weight class compared to the ant. But when you have a bite like this ant, it doesn’t even matter. Watch as the butterfly pokes its proboscis around until it irritates the ant enough for the ant to fight back by locking its jaws on the long, straw-like feeding tube of the butterfly. It clamps down so hard that the butterfly decides to just give up and fly...

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China Gets Transformed Into a Moving Painting in This Cool Side-by-Side Video

This Prisma-type effect on photos and videos will probably get old one day (that day might have been yesterday) but my eyeballs are still enjoying how footage of real life can get transformed into moving art. Drew Geraci of District 7 stitched together 2,500 photos in this sweeping side-by-side video of China to show us how the original photo and the post processed photo look right next to...

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Yakima's Dr. Tray Has the Prescription for Hassle-Free Bike Hauling

The last thing you want to do after a savage bike ride is fumble with whatever means you use to get your bike home. Yakima’s latest premium bike hauler is so easy that using it takes as little thought as it does energy. If you have a vehicle with a trailer hitch, Dr. Tray is here to care for your bike.

After slipping my mountain rig off and fluidly locking it up and out of the roadway, a...

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This ad's food porn made me so hungry I'm now hypnotized

This commercial for Japanese restaurant Yugo—a very cool place in Madrid, Spain, decorated like a World War II Japanese bunker—is making me drool so much that I'm afraid of drowning in my own saliva. I want to stuff my face with a bucket full of those broiled toro nigiri. That's the only thing in my mind right now.

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Probamos el Samsung Galaxy S8: por fin ha llegado un Android para dominarlos a todos

Pasan los años y los móviles de gama alta son cada vez más parecidos, como si la tecnología y la abundancia de características técnicas hubiera reemplazado la frescura de los primeros diseños. Puede que el Galaxy S8 no sea un derroche de originalidad en su apariencia, pero es el mejor móvil que he tenido entre mis manos.

Cuando digo que no es un derroche de originalidad me refiero a que...

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Ruben David
Game of Thrones: Where Was The Shock Factor In This Finale?

*Spoilers ahead, obviously!*

So Season 7 has come to an end pretty much how we all expected it would. In a shower of smashed ice and blue dragon fire. And that’s exactly the problem. We expected that. Where was the big shock for this finale?

Let’s look at the state of affairs when this season started.

The white walkers were drawing ever closer to the wall, the kingdoms were at war, nobody...

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Tissue For Your Tears
Why I've given up on Game of Thrones

Much as I loved the show at first, that love has done more than cool down. It has turned into a ball of ice and frustration that hits me in the stomach every time I wach these days. Let me tell you why.

Let’s get this out of the way just to make it clear where I stand: I’m a bit of a book purist and I’ve watched the last two seasons grudgingly at best. This last season...I’ve honestly chosen...

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Theme of the Week: Kids' Movies Part II

We were awfully distracted by Gawker’s ongoing shenanigans so we decided to extend this week’s theme another week to give people a chance to do some more posts. What movie did you watch as a kid and thought it should star you? I may have been just another blond girl, but I thought I’d have made a better Bastian than Bastian. It should be ME, riding that dragon and rescuing that princess and...

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John the Wet Blanket
Owl is lost
Is Grandpa Joe really a horrible person?

People have increasingly recognized something I’ve always known: Grandpa Joe from Willy Wonka sucks. I mean, poor Charlie finally gets a little bit of good luck and it’s up to his grandfather to make it all about him, being a selfish asshole like he’s been to his daughter all these years.

As portrayed by Jack Albertson in Mel Stuart’s 1971 film Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory, the...

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House Milkshaker of Daftbollocks
Owl is lost
COTD/Open Thread

I’m back from out in Lancaster. I didn’t eat any Shoo-fly pie but I did have some chicken pot pie and stopped by a candy store and had some of those wax bottle candy I was dreaming about this week. I also pet like 4 orange cats and one especially sweet orange kitten that had mud all over her paws. God, I wanted to take her home.

Now to our task at hand. My entirely lazy perusal of backtalk...

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Snacktastic Part II: the Snack Awakens
College Granddad