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Life would be a lot cooler if it had these anime effects built in

Neat animation effects in this video directed by Ernest Desumbila for Lighten Up, the latest song by Citizens! This London band kind of reminds me of Phoenix after going through a dance club blender mixed with some LCD Soundsystem and Pet Shop Boys ice. Good track to drive around LA, destination unknown.

Citizens! is a London-based band. You can buy their Lighten Up single here. Their first...

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Even The Cleanest Person's Feet Are Hella Dirty

My guest this week on the official Ask a Clean Person podcast is Meredith Haggerty, the Reports Editor (and my editor!) at Racked National, who joined me to talk all about summertime foot- and shoe-care woes. You know the ones: smelly feet, soaked shoes, heels that sink into wet lawns at weddings, etc.

Yeah, maybe that last one isn’t so much an issue for you guys, but it sure is a thing my...

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The Only Way to Save the Northern White Rhino Is a Jurassic Park-Style Intervention

It sounds like the plot of a Hollywood science-fiction movie. An alien species is dying. Their only hope is for a brood of artificially fertilised eggs created from the preserved DNA of some of the last survivors to be brought back to life in a future world where (hopefully) conditions are better suited to them.

Crazy? Not really: this is the only hope remaining for the northern white...

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Could a charming sidekick have redeemed this crowd?

There are many celebs and politicans who we love to hate. Let’s face it-everyone hates Ted Cruz. Mike Huckabee and his steely-eyed daughter are the butt of jokes by conservatives, for crying out loud. Maybe what they need to boost their PR is a charming or amusingly bitchy sidekick. Who would you assign from Central Casting to spruce up the image of a total loser?

Maybe Ted needs an adorable...

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How to Use Terminal to Clear Screenshot Clutter

It is time to break free of the mundane prison of Mac OS X and make brilliant tweaks to your screenshot preferences you didn’t even know exist.

Terminal is a terminal emulator, a powerful and versatile tool providing direct interaction with the engine room of the OS. Users can execute commands in Terminal to make changes to hidden preferences. Terminal can be taken advantage of to make changes...

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The First Trailer for the DC/CW's <i>Crisis on Earth-X</i> Shows <i>Justice League</i> How It's Done

Earlier today, we got a glorious first look at the ginormous cast (and evil villains) of the CW’s next huge DC crossover event, Crisis on Earth-X. Now, we’ve got footage, and it looks like the wonderful, Nazi-punching superhero-fest we’ve all been waiting for.

Seriously, this trailer has it all. Wedding drama. Indiana Jones jokes. Stirring speeches about never surrendering. Wentworth Miller...

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Emil C.
Saturday GIF Party - All Hallows Eve Eve Eve Eve Edition

Or to put it less silly - the last Saturday before Halloween!!! Bring out your dead GIfs in the replies, be they spooky or not.


Saturday GIF Party - Early Bird Edition

Because the early bird catches the worm. Or the fish. But only if he fights the system!!!

Or maybe you need to be the king of fishers...

Post your GIFs about whatever you wish in the replies.


Why <i>SHE</i> Is the Epitome of Black Women’s Radical Self-Care

It’s no secret that black women are caught in the crosshairs of violence—not just when encountering the police but also in our own communities and homes. But how often do we really talk about it?

While the Black Lives Matter Network was co-founded by three black women—two of whom identify as queer—police brutality continues to be gendered as an issue that only black men and boys experience....

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<i>Naruto: Itachi Shinden - Book of Bright Light and Dark Night </i>Impressions - Episode 4 (454) 

After a silly episode with a shocking ending Episode 4 “Shisui’s Request” is a more subdued affair serving as a primer on the relationship between Shisui and Itachi. For fans of the series this is a profoundly important episode as quite possibly with the exception of Sasuke nobody was more influential in Itachi’s life then Shisui. For some the first half of this episode could be considered...

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These Duelling <i>Star Wars</i> Drones Can Hit Speeds of Up to 35 MPH

First revealed at the European Star Wars Celebration back in July, Propel’s fleet of remote control Star Wars drones is finally available for pre-order—at least if you live outside of the US. UK-based sites like Firebox are finally listing the drones as available for pre-order for $300 a piece.

Why so expensive? The drones, available in Speeder Bike, X-Wing, and TIE Advanced X1 fighter...

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Cat Tarsus Sinus
Light Your Maze of a Bedroom With a Glowing <i>Pac-Man</i> Ghost

The maze that Pac-Man has to navigate in his quest to gobble up all those pellets is nothing compared to the laundry-covered floor that most of us have to tip-toe through on our way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. And while the ghosts in Pac-Man serve as a hindrance, this color-changing pixelated lamp will actually help you get around in the dark.

At just over eight-inches tall...

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The Horizontal Dock from Henge Docks Gives Your MacBook Pro Every Port You Could Want, For a Price

Companies have been building port-laden Mac docking stations for about as long as Apple’s been making portable Macs, but I feel pretty confident in saying that none have ever been as advanced as the Henge Horizontal Docking Station.

Let’s start with the basics: You put your 13" or 15" Retina MacBook Pro (the previous generation model; versions for the new USB-C-based Macs are coming soon) into...

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Anthropologie is Marking Down All Their Sale Items an Extra 30% Off

Anthropologie will always be a good destination to start looking for something unique. With an extra 30% off sale styles, no code needed, that uniqueness is that much more affordable. Just add your new stuff to the cart and you’ll see the discount when you checkout.

Here are a few styles to grab while you have the extra markdown:


The magnificent tale of President Bird

I used to be a big fan of the online comic Three Word Phrase. Unfortunately, the artist no longer updates the site; I believe he found more lucrative work.

The bird who alighted on Bernie Sanders’ lectern the other day reminded me of a series of comics from TWP featuring “President Bird.” I was unable to find those comics collected anywhere, so I thought I’d share ’em here.

1. President Bird is...

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Maj. Malfunction
I Let an $800 Alexa Robot Creep Around My House Like a Tiny, Mechanical Zombie

Have you ever fantasized about having the weather read to you every morning like it was a beautiful Shakespearean sonnet? That’s probably the best reason to choose UBTECH Robotics’ new Alexa-enabled Lynx robot over the Amazon Echo—that, or you’re very, very lonely.

Whether you’re interested in talking to Google’s Home platform, Microsoft’s Cortana, or Amazon’s Alexa, there’s already a lot of...

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It's October 3rd Already
VtDkDude 1 hours 45 minutes ago. 0 comments
It's October 3rd Already

When does the scary story contest start?

Making a book completely by hand is way more impressive than I thought

It's completely unnecessary and like two steps away from being a joke but making a book by hand is a pretty impressive feat. There's so many unseen things you have to do! Like cutting the pages right, sewing them together, silkscreening for color, glueing everything perfectly and so on.

I'm not sure the end product of a hand made book is more superior than a regular book but I am sure that I...

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A Crazy Hungarian and His Friends Conquered Indianapolis with a Wooden Track

The Los Angeles Motordrome was one of the fastest tracks on Earth in the early 20th century, rivalling the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. A Hungarian racing entrepreneur, an English bicycle rider and an American oil magnate made it happen. WARNING: heavy use of gifs.

Disclaimer: the visual material in this post derive from various sources, eventually copyrighted by other parties. I do not own...

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Send Double the Love with Double the Flowers from The Bouqs

The Bouqs is probably the best place to use when sending flowers right now. The bouquets are unique and the blooms are harvested from the side of a freakin’ volcano. And right now, you’ll be able to get double the flowers for free. Just choose the Deluxe size of select rose bouquets, use the code ROSEDAY at check out and get it for the price of the Original size.