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Help! Question about dual alternators and accessory belts. 

My accessory belt just snapped in my F350. I’m 150km from home and the only belt available nearby is for a single alternator setup.

Would I be damaging anything if I just bypass the second alternator? Will my truck act up as a result of it?

Thanks in advance..

1. 3D673Power steering pump pulley

2. 19A216Accessory drive belt idler pulleys

3. 8A528Water pump pulley

4. 6B209Accessory drive belt...

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KusabiSensei - Captain of the Toronto Maple Leafs
Pie 'oh' Pah
COTD Signup
Pie 'oh' Pah 11 minutes ago. 3 comments
COTD Signup

Remember remember the fifth of November to sign up for a COTD post.

Remember... pick a day (make sure someone else hasn’t picked it in the comments first).... pick a comment that you like from any post originating on Backtalk beginning with the previous day’s COTD post, and tag it COTD. You can make it an open thread, roundup, or anything else your little heart desires.

Mon: Snax




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The more test car camo I see...

...the more I see this.


RamblinRover Luxury-Yacht
<a href="" data-id="" onClick="'send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">What it really means for a woman to have two vaginas</a>

By now you've probably heard about the YouTube star with two vaginas. But if you're like us, her story left you with questions. Such as—why? And how?

Yes, model Cassandra Bankson, famous for her makeup tutorials, revealed in a video to her subscribers that she is "twice the woman" after finding out she has two vaginas and two uteruses, due to a very rare condition known as uterus...

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When Every County in America Goes to Work

In Humboldt County, Nevada, over a third of the population leaves for work in the middle of the night. Central and Mountain Time Americans tend to hit the road between 7:30 and 8 am, while East and West Coasters are all over the place. By 10 am, America’s roads have fallen silent.

Designer Jody Sieradzki decided to bring these patterns to life using US Census data. On the one hand, it’s...

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“we didn’t want to do anything dangerous”

“we didn’t want to do anything dangerous”


Takuro Spirit
Toni Cipriani @ F30 N20B20O ZMT
What Every Block of New York City Looked Like 400 Years Ago 

Where the Chrysler Building stands, there may have been gray wolves and hoary bats. Chinatown was home to a long tidal creek and salty marsh. A Lenape trail wound through the entrance to the Brooklyn Bridge.

This was Manhattan in 1609, on the brink of European settlement, the year Henry Hudson sailed into New York Bay. It was a hugely diverse and rich landscape, threaded with trails used by...

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Life in Canada
--Wacko-- 38 minutes ago. 4 comments
Life in Canada

so +7c tomorrow and -17cday(-27c night) friday

that’s like hving our 4 seasons in less than 24 hours.

But major variations in temperature is actually a normal thing here.

and a bonus drifto SHERP for your time


He didn't touch home plate, Nog!

Nog: “What do I do?”



Dr. Zoidberg
Dusty Ventures
Venti Latte: A Hyundai Sonata Review

Most days, you just want a cup of good coffee. Nothing fancy, but something better than the office Mr. Coffee. You can’t walk down most city streets today without seeing a cafe styled in exposed metal and brick, maybe with a fixie or cafe racer in the window. It can be intimidating, though, stepping in there: all those single-origin beans written on a chalkboard, people pouring water into...

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Nick Needs an Exocet
La contraseña para lanzar misiles nucleares desde Estados Unidos fue "00000000" durante 20 años

Cuando abres una cuenta en Internet, ya sea de correo o en una red social, la contraseña es fundamental. Si a ese nivel uno tiene cuidado con la elección, nos podemos imaginar el de la nación más poderosa del mundo activando los códigos y contraseñas que activan sus “armas de destrucción masiva”, ¿verdad?

La historia comenzó a principios de 1962, momento en el que Kennedy firma el conocido...

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Lord Xamon
La verdad de los chimpancés, el huevo de pascua de Juego de Tronos y lo nuevo de WhatsApp. Lo mejor de la semana

Aquí tienes nuestro resumen de lo mejor y lo más leído de Gizmodo en Español. ¿No estabas prestando atención? Esto es lo que te has perdido.

Cómo los Akula soviéticos cambiaron para siempre la guerra submarina

A finales de 1984, cuando el primer submarino Akula de la armada soviética comenzó a surcar los mares, el modo en el que se combate contra los submarinos cambió para siempre. Con la...

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Hyper Light Blip: iam8bit has a physical PS4 version of Hyper Light Drifter Up - Ships as early as Monday

It’s limited to 9,000 copies. I know this is a pretty damn popular game (and for good reason) so I wanted people to be aware.

Read more Read

Here are the goodies that can be found inside:

Most importantly, the reversible cover is gold foil:

Happy Helloween
Athingwithfeathers 1 hours 2 minutes ago. 0 comments
Happy Helloween

Happy Helloween

Use an App to Make Voicemails Fun 

When we rounded up our staff’s Weekly Upgrades last Friday, our editors were prepping for various vacations, taking on impressive DIY projects, and re-thinking our organization strategies.

This week, we’re focusing on diet and fitness, keeping up long distance friendships, streamlining our travel routines, and more.

What upgrades did you make this week? Let us know in the comments.

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Pongdrian by Happy Toast and other art gifs

Happy Toast made this stylish looking Pongdrian for the b3ta art challenge. I would buy this game. Do you have other fine art gifs? A new media adaptation that humorously interprets fine art? I like these gifs of Hopper by Ibon Mainar that you can find on behance.

Or maybe a little joke by Bradley Werner about Klimt’s Beethoven Frieze

Or Alexandre Cabanel’s Phaedre.

Or about a million other...

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Rooo sez BISH PLZ
El GIF que juega con tu mente, la verdad de una foto icónica, un vertedero lleno de bitcoins. Lo mejor de la semana

Aquí tienes nuestro resumen de lo mejor y lo más leído de Gizmodo en Español. ¿No estabas prestando atención? Esto es lo que te has perdido.

Por qué volar lo más temprano que puedas es la mejor opción

Quizá merece la pena considerar los primeros vuelos de la mañana la próxima vez que viajes. Levantarte para llegar a ese vuelo de las 6 de la mañana es duro, pero Travel and Leisure sugiere que...

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wooing ladies
heart_of_pyrite 1 hours 12 minutes ago. 15 comments
wooing ladies

I have a silly sense of humor and feel confident breaking the ice with men. I’m pretty sure my wooing style when it comes to women is more like “awkward dad”. I’m fine talking to a lady-stranger but the moment I feel attraction, I’m a nervous weirdo.

I have very little experience pursuing or dating women. I’ve gone on some okc dates that were painfully low on sparks, and the only sexual...

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Lilly (Hungry hungry hipster!)
Team USA Eliminated In Women's Baseball World Cup Opening Round

There was an awful lot of college football this weekend. Plus all those Labor Day parties. And the pennant races are just starting to heat up. Those are all perfectly good reasons for why you completely missed the first weekend of the Women’s Baseball World Cup (and I’m pretty sure you did—only a few thousand people watched each game on Youtube). But it’s not too late to catch up for next...

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Dickie Crickets Megaphone