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Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and Elizabeth Warren Finally Defend Ilhan Omar Against Racist Smear 

In the face of a House resolution vote called in response to Ilhan Omar’s criticisms of powerful political lobbies and the actions of the Israeli government, Senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Bernie Sanders have spoken out to defend the Minnesota Democrat. They each released statements on Wednesday condemning anti-Semitism while also critiquing the racist smear campaign against...

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Let's Remember Some Guys: 1981 Fleer Session Volume III

What brings us back? What makes us Remember, whether it’s Guys or any of the other things that are out there to remember? Is it the fundamental human urge to open what is closed, or to return to places in which we have felt happy or safe in the past, or to create “snackable” video content to put onto a website? Something else? Maybe you just like weird hard gum. It’s not complicated, really,...

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I might be the owner of 2 lunch trays...

Allegedly, at least.

And I might use them to emulate skid plate racing with my FiST.


HY90 Photography
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Hallelujah Costco!!

I did find a white Reventon, Orange Superleggera, Corvette stingray Z51, and a few trucks and classics.

AutoWorld Only Cars - Diorama

Since I did the eras, I figured brands should be next. Also, I have a lot of AW cars.

Which pic and car is your favorite?

Model bloat


Sports Car Adventures on Instagram: “Caption this.”

105 Likes, 8 Comments - Sports Car Adventures (@sportscaradventures) on Instagram: “Caption this.”

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Word of the Day: Frazzle
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Word of the Day: <i>Frazzle</i>

Good evening and welcome to Word of the Day! A journey through the English vocabulary and the words that piqued my interest, in WotD we'll be learning a new word for each working day of the week, bar holidays, unless there's a holiday special...

Today's word is:


|ˈfrazəl| informal

verb [ with obj. ] (usu. as adj. frazzled)

Cause to feel completely exhausted; wear out: a...

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Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix Car Show Photo-Dump

Here are some highlights from yesterday. It was hot. Photos taken on my phone which I couldn’t see the screen of in the sun, so some are a bit wonky.

I got tired of my plastic water bottle 

This was cheaper, and seems overbuilt, which is why I wanted it. It may be smaller than my other one, it’s 1L, this is 530mL, but water that stays cold and doesn't taste gross from plastic will be nice

Majorette 1:64 Alfa Romeo Alfa 75

***maybe I will get around to writing something here***

<a href="https://kinjadeals.theinventory.com/when-you-play-the-game-of-thrones-board-game-you-win-1833808158" data-id="" onClick="window.ga('send', 'event', 'Permalink page click', 'Permalink page click - post header', 'standard');">When You Play the <i>Game of Thrones</i> Board Game, You Win, Or You Pay For the Pizza</a>
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You might not expect much from an original board game based on a hit TV show, but the Game of Thrones board game is actually excellent (though devoid of sex and incest) .

The Terrific Game of Thrones Board Game is Full of Violence and Betrayal, Void of Sex

Lies, bloodshed,...

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If your car seat or office chair doesn’t have enough lumbar support for your liking, this $15 memory foam cushion is easy to take with you anywhere, and will make you more comfortable while encouraging good posture. Just use promo code OA2MFDT2 to save at checkout.

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What Car Do You Wish Was RWD?
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What Car Do You Wish Was RWD?

You know the feeling. Either searching used cars or walking down the street and you see a cheap practical sensible car, and think if only it was interesting. The most sure fire way to inject some cool factor into a dull car (besides a clutch pedal) is to loose the front half shafts and get a rear diff. What car could benefit from it the most?

How about Dodges Stratus, and it's predecessor the...

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Christmas Day 1993
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Christmas Day 1993

I may have done a thing.

This and my previous post were taken from VHS tapes converted to digital.

This one shows me just before my eigth birthday, with my brother and my cousin, opening some 1:18 cars.

But no longer. I’ve sealed the deal on two of these and am closing on the third

Dr. Zoidberg
Still for sale...
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Still for sale...

Think the dealer will accept payment in the form of two Tercel wagon fenders, a grille for an ‘89 Toyota pickup, and this roll of duct tape I bought earlier today?

Do I dare test drive it on my way to the Portland Oppo meet? Masochism is real.

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oEdRo Unique 4-side LED Headlight Bulb Conversion Kit $27.99 @Amazon

Use coupon: A9YBE9YT

After coupon: $27.99

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Nicki Minaj Adds Cursed Collaboration With 6ix9ine to <i>Queen</i> Album

Although Nicki Minaj isn’t the main artist listed on “Fefe,” her single with Tekashi 6ix9ine and Murda Beatz, she’s adding the song as track 20 on her latest album  Queen, and it certainly looks like a ploy to boost album sales and debut at No. 1 on the charts.

Billboard announced on Wednesday that “Fefe” has been officially tacked on as the final track on Queen. Speaking to Tidal on Tuesday...

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Steve in Manhattan
So Stoked
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Disney's CEO Agrees That Maybe One <i>Star Wars</i> Movie a Year Is a Bit Too Much

The Star Wars movies under Disney’s purview have ranged from excellent expansions to the franchise to perfectly fine —opinions may vary of course, but there hasn’t really been a generally poorly-received one. There has been quite a lot of them though, with even more on the way . But Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger says that maybe we can start to expect them to spread out going...

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