These Are Our Readers' Four Favorite Under-Seat Bags

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Update: The GORUCK GR-1 won this week’s Co-Op!

Now boarding: our readers’ four favorite under-seat bags. Whether this is the only bag you bring on a weekend getaway, or a companion to your rolling carry-on, you can’t go wrong with any of these options.

But only one bag can get upgraded to Co-Op Elite Diamond Status, so check out what our readers had to say below, then be sure to vote for your favorite.

eBags Professional Weekender

I took this with me to China for business travel and it’s SUPER versatile, especially if you are going for work and/or with a bunch of gadgets. There’s pockets galore and the pockets for cables, etc. I used this and my (smallest) carryon so I wouldn’t have to bring my briefcase and bigger carryon. Also allowed me to keep a change of clothes on me while keeping all my valuables on my person. Water bottle pocket could be better, IMO. Can be used as a backpack or duffel/briefcase. - Jack3d

The professional weekender is great - lots of padding and pockets. The only reason I gave it up was for the giant boxes I had to throw in my GR2. - Dennis Pitta’s Tragic(ally) Hip

Peak Design Everyday Backpack (Also Available in 20L)

The Everyday Backpack just lives up to its name. It has a huge variety of ways you can arrange its interior, its dividers are sturdy enough and padded enough to protect camera equipment (which means they’re sturdy and padded enough for anything), and there are a TON of expandability/organizational features. The side wings can be used to hold power banks and AC adapters, the hidden stash pockets can be used to hold your wallet/watch/jewelry/small items that you don’t want to have on your person in an already tight seat, etc., etc. There are even hidden straps that you can use to lash bulky items like coats and tripods to the outside of your backpack. And, of course, it has a luggage passthrough so that you can slide it on top of your rolling luggage.

It’s relatively expensive, but it’s worth the price, just like almost everything Peak Design makes. The one downside is that because it’s a flap-over bag, it’s not lockable. But that’s a very minor concern for a carry-on.

I prefer the 30L , but again, since this presumably being used in combination with a larger carry-on, the 20L is more than big enough for essentials. - magus-21

Totally agree with this assessment I have the 20L and definitely hesitated at the price at first but it has been with me now on all my trips including 3 to Europe and several around the country. I usually pair with a carry-on for shorter trips and with my normal suitcase where I am able to check bags. It holds all my basic gear for my camera, laptop (15") and other tech gadgets you want at hand on the plane etc. I usually also have room for an extra shirt and a light jacket as well if I expand the top fully. It also has external straps for extras that honestly I rarely use but they are there if you have extras. - s0kud0

AmazonBasics Carry-On Travel Backpack

This one has more “open” luggage space but sacrifices the number of compartments and organizers. Really good weekender with minimal device storage space. No water bottle pocket, though. Can also be used as a duffel/briefcase.


Great design. Lifetime warranty. Customizable. Laptop and pouches allow for easy access. Not cheap but will last forever. - dan - Download Hi-Res Songs

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