In The Latest Chapter Of... Dororo (Ch.18)

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In The Latest Chapter Of... Dororo Anime AniTay

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Chapter 18: The story of the cape of no mercy

The chapter starts with the latest events seen on the island. Dororo is tied to a tree in order to not to be a bother for Hitachi and his gang. She can see SHiranui, the shark boy, all beat up. The memories of Shiranui when he was little, seeing his mother dead by hunger, resonates on his mind while he gets close to his already dead pet shark. Shiranui suffers since he can felt how much Saburomaru suffered before dying. With anger, he promises revenge and orders Jiromaru, the other shark, to go and kill them! The eyes of the beast start changing.

Meanwhile… Hyakkimaru is getting closer and closer to the island.

Back with Dororo. Jiromaru started eating Saburomaru, he devoured all of it. His form started t change, he was no shark anymore, but a demon. Shiranui orders him to kill and eat all of them! The demon shark tries to eat Dororo, but fails! Still it seems the little one is done for!

…Until Hyakkimaru comes! He has come to save Dororo and eliminate the demon! The Ronin reveals that he came for Dororo, just for her, he doesn´t care about that demon or the treasure or anything! The fight continues, the movements of the demon were dull and Hyakkimaro can easily avoid them! In the battle Shiranui gets damaged. In the end Hyakkimaru kills the being from hell and gains his leg back!

Shiranui starts laughing and ask him if he did all of that just for his leg?! It must not be worth it! Still both Dororo and Hyakkimaru won´t listen to him and goes in search for Hitachi.

Meanwhile Itachi and his gang are trying to find the treasure, some of them have fallen in some traps and ending their existence, so the survivors are afraid. Still Hitachi has told them that this was expected! So they must not stop until finding the treasure!

In another place, Tahomaru has moved his fleet towards the island, he is hunting for Hyakkimaru and is decided to kill him today and end everything right now!

Hyakkimaru and Dororo had detected them. Dororo tells her partner that they need to go and save Hitachi! Hyakkimaru obeys, although he made clear that he is extremely happy to see Dororo again.

Back with Itachi, he and his men have seen the forces of Daigo, they don´t know why are they here, but they just means trouble. So they need to get the treasure and get back now! At the same time, Shiranui is seeing the dead bodies of his pets, his world has been shattered. He promise them that he will join them, but before that, he will make sure to bring lots of bodies to them!

A massive attack has started, the paths of Itachi and Hyakkimaru have crossed and everyone is searching for a safe place! Tahomaru has found Hyakkimaru, and the fight between siblings has started! Hyakkimaru can only see an enemy on his younger brother! Still, Tahomaru is not alone since his retainers are with him! Hitachi grabs Dororo and runs with his men! He wants to protect the daughter of his former boss!

The fight between Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru is unjust, he has to fight against three persons and not only that, but the blade on his right arm has been shattered!

Meanwhile Itachi is losing strength, in both his body and crew, the samurai has been killing them one by one and the leader is now damaged by an arrow. Dororo says that they need to hide and wait! But Itachi wants to find the treasure, although surely it won´t be easy since there are traps everywhere!...Until Itachi comes with an idea, of using them against the samurais.

Using a decoy, the trap start getting activated. Itachi is able to recognize the place, a place in the map! The treasure must be near! Hitachi says that when they get the money, both he and Dororo could live a peaceful life with zero worries! Suddenly arrows start coming and Itachi protects Dororo from any danger! The brigand is badly injured, and Dororo has made a ruckus with the budha statues who start felling apart, making a dent in the forces of the Daimyo. To make things worse, Shiranui has come with a lot of explosives… He wants to kill everyone on this island!

The explosives makes their work, but ultimately they are unable to hurt Dororo or to end the job with Itachi!

Meanwhile the fight continues and Hyakkimaru is damaged by an arrow. He can only see enemies in the form of Tahomaru and his retainers! The battle continued until thanks to all the ruckus started by Dororo and Shiranui, one of Tahomaru´s retainers is damaged in the battle! Hyakkimaru, worried by Dororo´s well being decides to go after her! He destroys the arrows and keeps going!

Tahomaru decides to leave, they need to treat Hyogo´s wounds…

The evening has come, Shiranui is now dead, Tahomaru is away. Itachi begs to Dororo to take him to the treasure, he doesn´t need to get it, just watch it is enough.

Dororo makes his wish a reality, and after seeing it, the brigand dies. Dororo prays for him and begs him that when he sees her Father, to not make much trouble for him. Dororo now sees the treasure and wonders what she should do, she knows that this money is power…Making good use of it could raise a rebellion or make your own country… Still Dororo doesn’t know what to do with it, so she ask for her parents to wait a little bit more, when she gets older, she will come back with an answer. For that she grabs just a little money so she and Hyakkimaru could survive and goes their way.

The journey of this duo continues.

End of the Chapter

My Impressions

An extremely good chapter! The stories have gathered and did it in a glorious way! Of course there is some letdown on my part since the Shark demon wasn´t as much of a challenge as I would have liked, but oh well. What was interesting was the end of the character arc of Itachi and this whole subplot of the treasure… And it ended well, since there is no way in what Dororo could use that money, plus it brought an end to Itachi, and as I said…Dororo didn´t hated him, nor he had any bad intent towards her, they were like family…A crappy one, but family in the end, and when the time came, they protected and cared for each other. So that´s nice.

At the same time, and as how things are going, there is no redemption or salvation in the relationship between Hyakkimaru and Tahomaru, what is worse is that Tahomaru has his retainers, but Hyakkimaru is alone since Dororo is not a fighter, still Hyakkimaru is no easy bone to break and the Ronin himself only see in Tahomaru an enemy, so we will see what will be now on this whole story.

As I said earlier, there wasn´t a Sharknadororo, but oh well… The battle against the forces of the Daimyo were extremely good though!

Anyway my two cents. See ya Next time! - Download Hi-Res Songs

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