It's Your Last Chance to Subscribe to Our Readers' Favorite VPN For $2.75 Per Month

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Update: Last day!

Three year plans aren’t available to the general public at all, but if you click this link, you can get three years for $99, which works out to just $2.75 per month. That’s only $9 more than it was cost to the price hike, and while shorter plan lengths are available, none come close to the per-month pricing of this three-year membership. For example, the publicly available two-year plan costs about $84, and a month-to-month plan will set you back $10 per month.

If you subscribe to the three-year plan today, you’ll be able to continue to renew it at the same price for the life of your subscription, so this is a great chance to lock in a a terrific deal. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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