Falling Light Pole At High School Soccer Game Injures Player, Breaks Referee's Leg

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A light pole barely missed crushing a high school soccer referee’s head when it fell onto the field during a soccer game Saturday in Clarksville, Arkansas. The referee sustained two broken bones in his leg, and a player who was also hit suffered cuts to his head and legs, according to KFSM.

The video clip below shows the pole trapping the referee’s leg, so be warned:

The station reported that several school districts were present at the “soccer jamboree,” and when the light pole fell, students from Mena and Dardenelle high schools were on the field. From KFSM:

[Clarksville Superintendent David] Hopkins said a Mena High School student was taken in an ambulance, along with a referee.

According to Michael Banning, the Clarksville Activity Director, the referee sustained a broken leg with a fractured tibia and fibula. The Mena student has superficial wounds to their head and legs.


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