Look At This Fucking Soft-Ass Pud

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Shitheads Donald Trump Jr. The Great Outdoors Climbing

Behold Donald Trump Jr., failed son of a failed son.

The Instagram bio for Kiddie Trump here states that he is “EVP of Development & Acquisitions The @Trump Organization,” the duties of which apparently entail doing nothing all day except retweeting racist Pizzagate news and gunning down precious wildlife and posting photos of himself pretending to be fucking Rambo. Maybe one day he’ll be named Scout Leader! Here is a photo of our brave little idiot traversing a mountain path while being conveniently photographed from above by a buddy (it might be Col. Kilgore!) who frames the shot with virtually no sense of balance or scale.

Good times with a good friend (I’m the one on the right) #tbt#throwback #throwbackthursday#adventure #Repost @kuiu_official

Ah yes, #adventure. So true. You hear it more and more. Why don’t we #adventure anymore? We’re bringing #adventure BACK folks. Anyway, Shrek 3 here is capitalizing on the GOP fetish for doing pretend manly shit like driving mud-covered trucks and climbing what appears to be an eminently conquerable mountain, all while dressed like a fucking Army Ranger. ISIS is at the top of that mountain and they won’t see you coming, Donny boy!

This is the kind of cheap Teddy Roosevelt cosplay that has led to 67 different wars. Lil Donny is fucking pathetic and one obstacle he’ll never overcome is getting into Daddy’s room:

Fuck you, kid. My 15-lb. dog is more intimidating than you.

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