Buy a $59 Roku, Get $55 In Free Content, Including a Month of YouTube TV

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If you’ve been curious to give YouTube TV a try , and you could use a new streaming dongle, Walmart’s running a particularly enticing deal today. $59 gets you a month of YouTube TV (a $40 value, new accounts only), plus $15 in VUDU content, meaning the Stick itself is basically tossed in for about $4.

Amazon sells the Streaming Stick+ for $60 as well , and has the same YouTube TV promotion, but no VUDU credit.

The Streaming Stick+ supports 4K and HDR content , and its remote ingeniously includes a headphone jack which makes it easy to listen to your shows in bed without disturbing others. Update: My bad, it doesn’t include a headphone jack, but the Roku app can serve the exact same function. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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