Bike things!

Happy Holidays, Oppo. Got my bike torn down a bit last night. Airbox is out (without breaking it!), seat and tank are off, wiring harness is out. Going to piece together a new working wiring harness out of the new one I have with bad controls, and my bad harness with good controls. Sounds like a plan. Also going to disassemble the carbs with the fancy new JIS screwdriver set I got, re-jet them, rebuild them, clean them, and run pod filters. Battery relocation, new exhaust, new lights, and a custom fiberglass tail section I’m currently making iterative cardboard bucks for are all in the future. Then an R6 front end with upside down forks and fork gaiters and new tires! It’s way too much money into way too shitty of a bike but project motorcycles are not driven by logic. - Download Hi-Res Songs

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