If You're a Deal Shopper, This Site Will Save You Hella Cash!

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We all like to save a buck, and we stumbled across a deal site called Kinja Deals that’ll help you get that bread. And keep more of it, lol! Seriously, they post at least 30 great deals every day!

4TB of storage? OMFG, so lit ” - Tercius Bufete, Commerce Editor, Gizmodo Media Group

“I never knew I needed this little gadget” and then you get one anyway and you’re like “wow, yes I do!” SMDH for how long I lived without a garlic press. Thanks Kinja Deals” - Zach Custer, Senior Director of Performance Marketing, Gizmodo Media Group

“Kinja Deals won’t put you to sleep...or will it?? ” - Chelsea Stone, Commerce Editor, Gizmodo Media Group

“I legit can’t believe how amaze this deal is — it’s like it was tailor written just for me!” - Elizabeth Zimmerman, Commerce Editor, Gizmodo Media Group

iTunes credit for $10 off? Cheap AF Apple Music, yes, and please.” - Shep McAllister, Senior Direct of Commerce, Gizmodo Media Group

“I’m way turnt over this screw turner. It’s hopelessly on fleek!” - Corey Foster, Deals Researcher, Gizmodo Media Group

BTW, please visit BuzzFeed’s CAMP store right below our offices in New York, BuzzFeed says it’s great!

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