Phoenix Woman Dunks On Suns Owner Robert Sarver At City Council Meeting

Patrick Redford 05/22/2019 at 09:46. 0 comments
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The Phoenix City Council was supposed to vote Wednesday on a murky proposal to give Suns owner Robert Sarver $150 million in public money for arena renovations, but the formal vote was pushed back a month, in part because the plan, which is bad, would have failed. Citizens were still able to speak to the council yesterday, in a forum which produced this absolute gem.

One resident really brought the heat. Phoenix woman Greta Rogers went in on Sarver and the idea that she should be responsible for funding his stadium. (She starts speaking around the 27-minute mark and really gets going at 27:33.)

“Mr. Sarver has done nothing to improve this team in the 14 years he’s owned it,” Rogers said. “He’s never funded or bought—paid for—two or key three players, which make any professional sports team successful or on the road to success.”

Then Greta threw it down with authority: “He’s so tight, he squeaks when he walks.” Oh shit!

Rogers is apparently a big baller around the Phoenix City Council. Local reporter Brahm Resnik cut together a highlight reel of her speech:

Last year, Rogers spoke out in front of the council after they voted to use half of a $15 million tax boon earmarked for parks to pay off debt from city-owned golf courses. She didn’t hold back:

“You gave the middle finger salute to the citizens of the city of Phoenix and then stuck the finger in their eye,” Greta Rogers, an activist who’s challenged the financial maneuver, told the council. “I want this money repaid in full.”

This was her in 2012, calling out the council and city for “24 months of dithering and arguing.” The crowd burst into applause when dropped the hammer: “Get on with this. Thank you.”

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